13 Reasons Why UNT Cares

If you are facing struggles with many of the themes throughout the popular Netflix series such as betrayal, suicide, physical and sexual violence, bullying, fitting in and substance abuse, we want you to know that you should never feel alone or hopeless and that someone at UNT is always here to listen and care.


We have developed the 13 Reasons Why UNT Cares to promote 13 services on campus that you can reach out to for help with issues you might be facing. The entire UNT community cares about you and your success!


1. Counseling and Testing Services
2. Dean of Students Office
3. Multicultural Center
4. Office of Disability Access
5. Pride Alliance
6. Recreational Sports
7. SARC- Substance Abuse Resource Center
8. Student Health and Wellness Center
9. Student Legal Services
10.Student Money Management Center
11.Student Veteran Services
12.Survivor Advocacy
13.UNT Police Department

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