Fallen Eagles

In Honor of Fallen Eagles

This page is dedicated to the fallen eagles who pass away while enrolled. We will fly the UNT flag at the Student Memorial Flag area (south library lawn) at half-staff for seven days upon the Dean of Students Office being notified of their death. If the UNT flag is being flown at half-staff, you can visit this site to find out more information.


Spring 2021

E. Nisala Fernando
Chemistry/College of Sciences
Died April 8, 2021

Sushma Pangular
Computer Engineering/College of Engineering
Died March 1, 2021

Anush Beeram
Texas Academy of Math and Science
Died February 10, 2021

Shawn Lawrence
Mechanical Engineering Technology/College of Engineering
Died February 3, 2021

Ibraheem Syed
Criminal Justice/Liberal Arts & Sciences
Died January 23, 2021

Helen Etuk
Education/Honors College
Died January 12, 2021


Fall 2020

Brian D. Balch
Health & Public Services/College of Health and Public Services
Died November 28, 2020

Elijah Cortes
Engineering/College of Engineering
Died November 1, 2020

Nicholas Slaughter
Applied Arts and Science/New College
Died October 19, 2020


Summer 2020

Trisharan Khatri
Biology/College of Science
Died July 11, 2020

Drew Crow
Journalism/Mayborn School of Journalism
Died June 12, 2020


Spring 2020

Khamey Liby
Finance/College of Business
Died May 11, 2020

Henry Setton
Music Performance/College of Music
Died April 5, 2020

Jack Scherer
Chemistry/College of Sciences
Died April 1, 2020

Jordan Taylor Johnson
Radio, Television & Film/Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
Died February 24, 2020

Darius Tarver
Criminal Justice/Health & Public Services
Died January 21, 2020

Millicent McGuire
Geography/Liberal Arts & Social Sciences
Died January 18, 2020