The Series will be administered by a committee composed of two (2) faculty representatives appointed by the Faculty Senate, two (2) staff representatives appointed by the UNT Staff Senate, eight (8) students appointed by the UNT Student Government Association, and one permanent ex officio faculty and/or staff representative to serve as administrative assistance to the committee, appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs. The President of the UNT Student Government Association or their designee shall serve as chair.

Yolian Ogbu, Chair 
Allison Quisenberry, Undergraduate 
Brightyn Patterson, Undergraduate 
Cameron Combs, Undergraduate 
Giuliana Vargas, Undergraduate 
Joshual Kilbane, Undergraduate 
Kimberly Berry, Graduate 
Karen Goss, Staff Representative
Liz Berry, Staff Representative
Paul Rowe, Faculty Representative
Throne Anderson, Faculty Representative 
Yasamin Sharif, DLS Committee Advisor 


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