Diversity & Inclusion in DSA


Division of Student Affairs - Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives - 2019-2020

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to seeking out, identifying, understanding, and removing barriers to full participation and belonging among students, faculty, and staff.
We recognize our responsibility to foster an open, welcoming environment where students, faculty, and staff of all backgrounds can collaboratively learn, work, and serve.

We commit to engaging in an ongoing dialogue and to work together to address challenges in a way that removes barriers to success and promotes a culture of inclusivity, compassion, and mutual respect. The competencies gained through diverse experiences across our campus prepare all of our students, staff, and faculty to thrive personally and professionally in a global society.

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Division-Wide Diversity Training Plan
Direct Reports Diversity Plans
Diversity Training Assessment Results
Moving Forward Together Update

DSA Diversity Council

The DSA Diversity Council was created in 2018 and is charged with reviewing and advocating for critical diversity issues and developing division-wide resources related to diversity and inclusion. Membership on the DSA Diversity Council is very intentional to ensure all levels and areas of the division, as well as diverse perspectives, are represented.

List of Members Co-Chairs:

  • Melissa McGuire – Engagement
  • Bethany Evans – Counseling
  • Tomas Sanchez – Housing


  • Jessica Stone – ODA
  • Jeanette Hickl – Career Center
  • Detra Craig – TRIO
  • Ryan Davis – Vice President for Student Affairs Office
  • Sara Ousby – Assessment
  • Patricia Rodriguez – Center for Leadership and Service
  • Ahmed Rahmany - Marketing and Communications
  • Victoria Schofield - Coordinator for Withdrawal Intervention
  • Brennon Turner - Culinary Operations Manager
  • Tony Boykin-King – University Union
  • Keisha Ware – Student Legal Services

Diversity Council Initiatives


Identity Based Community Resources
Climate Survey Results
Best Practices in Hiring Diverse Staff 
Guided Conversations Request
EAB Focus Groups Summary and Next Steps
Our Community Presentation
Print Personal Development Plan
Print Reflection Questions

DSA Diversity Library

The Division of Student Affairs will purchase a book for each staff member to encourage and support a healthy dialogue that leads us to action regarding issues of systematic racial inequity. Here are some recommendations to get you started but please do not feel confined by these lists as there are many good options available.


If the book you would like is currently sold out or on backorder, we will proceed with the order but delivery may be delayed. Every effort will be made to order your selection from Black-owned bookstores.

Request Your Book

After you have read your requested book, please bring it by the suite so it can be shared by others and you can check out a new title as well.

The diversity books purchased by the Division will soon be distributed to staff who have so far made requests. At the suggestion of a staff member, we are creating a DSA Diversity Library to be housed in the Vice President for Student Affairs Office in Hurley, Suite 207. This will allow us to share more titles with more people across the Division to continue our important work on increasing staff awareness and knowledge of racial inequity and diversity.


Messages from the Vice President for Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs takes seriously our responsibility to help lead the way in the fight against racism and bias and creating social justice and equity for our students, staff, and faculty. Read previous messages from Vice President Dr. Elizabeth With to the UNT community::

Report Racist or Unjust Acts

If you witness racist or unjust acts on our campus or toward any of our community members, please speak out. If you experience or witness racism committed by a student, please report it. Suspected violations committed by faculty or staff members should be reported to Equal Opportunity. The Division of Institutional Equity & Diversity also has more information on how to be a more effective ally.