Division-Wide Training Plan

The goal of the Division-Wide Diversity Training Plan is that staff:

  • Recognize biases and microaggressions across the university, division, department, and/or within ourselves that makes others feel unwelcome or not included.
  • Learn how to engage with others who share different identities in a way that demonstrates cultural humility.
  • Knows how to refer or find resources that support staff, such as the Employee Assistance Program and Equal Opportunity, and when necessary, students.




Length of Time

Division Wide Requirement

*Note: both division-wide required trainings can be found on UNT Learning Bridge

Communicating About Culturally Sensitive Issues

  • Explain the factors that can make a conversation around culture challenging.
  • Interpret which ground rules to use for culturally sensitive conversations.
  • Distinguish between the conversations of impact versus intent and debate versus dialogue.
  • Determine the steps needed to be an ally.
  • Describe the techniques to show empathy for dialogues around diversity.
  • Articulate the best approach for sharing feedback when a person is offended.


55 minutes

Developing Cross-Cultural Intelligence

  • Review the differences between high and low context culture.
  • Define individual culture.
  • Explore the differences between a direct and an indirect communicator.
  • Define a high-status culture.
  • Define risk as it relates to culture.
  • Recall the scenario that best describes a monochronic workplace.
  • Review the characteristics of a person with an internal locus of control.


66 minutes


Departmental/Team Discussion about Required Trainings



As a department, broken down into smaller teams or groups as appropriate, engage in at least a 60 minute activity/discussion that reviews the webinars’ learning objectives. 


Resources to help guide discussions can be found within each training in the Learning Bridge.

  • Understand how the required trainings impact department/team.
  • Set communication norms for department/team.
  • Brainstorm how to be an ally to each other.
  • Review cultural context of department/team.

For example:

1 - 60 minute discussion.


2 - 30-minute discussions, or


3 - 20-minute discussions.

Pick at least 1 self-directed learning experience. Possible options are suggested under “Task”

Participate in a Learning Bridge training related to diversity, equity, or inclusion.

Develop 1-3 personal objectives you would like to achieve.

50 minute minimum



Participate in a conference session, webinar, or workshop related to a diversity topic of choice.

Pick at least 1 indirect learning opportunity.  Possible options are suggested under “Task.”

Read a book related to race, diversity, equity, inclusion, etc. A book club may be a good option here!

Develop 1-3 personal objectives you would like to achieve.




Watch a documentary related to race, diversity, equity, inclusion, etc.

Listen to a podcast related to race, diversity, equity, inclusion, etc.




Please note: Participation in the Division of Equity and Diversity’s Inclusion, Equity, and Community Building Series or Unlikely Allies in the Academy Series will satisfy both direct and indirect learning experience categories.

We recognize the value of this program and the time commitment. Supervisors should use their discretion to determine if a staff member can complete all of the required trainings as staff who do not have regular access to a computer may not be able to complete the trainings.

Visit Diversity & Inclusion | Division of Student Affairs for a list of possible resources to help you select a training.