Division-Wide Training Plan

Division of Student Affairs Diversity Training Recommendation 2020-2021 In response to the President asking that each Division determine a required number of hours of training for staff to complete related to diversity, inclusion, and equity topics, the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) Diversity Council recommends the following for DSA.

Understanding we are all at different developmental levels regarding these topics, we wanted to provide some flexibility in how you approach this, but also have some consistency across the Division.



Length of Time, if Known

Complete the following trainings from the UNT Learning Bridge.

Skills for Inclusive Conversations


53 minutes

Confronting Bias: Thriving Across Our Differences

40 minutes

Pick at least 1 training from the UNT Learning Bridge or something on your own.


The listed trainings are simply options and should not limit staff in their selection.


Some trainings listed may be better suited for supervisors/hiring managers.


If you start a training and you learn it’s not suited for you, pick another option!

Communicating about Culturally Sensitive Issues

55 minutes

Managing a Diverse Team


81 minutes

Managing Diversity


36 minutes

Inclusive Leadership


60 minutes

Human Resources: Diverse Recruiting


75 minutes

A conference session, webinar, or workshop related to a diversity topic of choice. Option must be approved by supervisor.

50-minute minimum

Pick at least 2 indirect learning opportunities. Staff can choose 2 books, 2 documentaries, etc.; it doesn’t have to be 1 per category.

Read a book related to race, diversity, equity, inclusion, etc.


Watch a documentary related to race, diversity, equity, inclusion, etc.


Listen to a podcast related to race, diversity, equity, inclusion, etc.



Note: Some trainings may include additional worksheets or assessments for you to complete. Please complete these too.

By October 30, 2020, we ask that supervisors receive a personal development plan from each of their staff members (where appropriate) on what they will engage in this academic year. Supervisors should use their discretion to determine if a staff member can complete all the required trainings.

Reflection is a key component of the learning process. As such, the Diversity Council has developed the following reflection questions we hope you will answer for yourself after each activity. We encourage staff to talk through discussions questions with a peer or supervisor.