Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives

DSA Actions Taken

  • Ninety-six percent of DSA staff completed the following three diversity trainings by the June 1 deadline. Supervisors are following up with staff who have not completed the trainings to ensure accountability.
    1. Unconscious Bias
    2. Cultivating Cultural Competence and Inclusion
    3. Communicating Across Cultures
  • In January, we brought in a diversity trainer to work with directors on implicit bias and the Intercultural Competency Inventory (ICI). Overarching departmental areas (i.e. Wellness, Engagement, Auxiliaries, etc.) were given their ICI score. Follow-up training was scheduled to teach departments how to move their department further along the ICI continuum but was canceled due to COVID-19. We will look to reschedule or conduct virtually.
  • Orientation and Transition Programs has contracted with Everfi to offer Diversity and Inclusion to all new undergraduate students at UNT this fall. Students will complete this training throughout the summer, similar to UNT’s alcohol and sexual assault trainings. Follow-up with students will occur during First Flight and within a pilot First-Year Seminar course this fall.
  • All DSA positions are posted externally to increase diversity, a practice we started in 2014.
  • Through Student Service Fee and CARES Act funding, DSA has allocated or increased funding in the following areas:
    1. Additional staff in the Multicultural Center.
    2. The creation of a first-generation center.
    3. The hiring of additional ACCESS Mentors to serve first-generation students.
    4. Parent Association and Parent Orientation scholarships for first-generation and low-socioeconomic status parents.
    5. Funds are given to Institutional Equity and Diversity to allow for an additional trainer in their area.
  • We contracted with a national consultant to review UNT’s Counseling and Testing Center to assess its strengths and weaknesses, the staffing model, where efficiencies could be found, and what changes are needed to better understand the changing needs of our students. We are currently working through recommendations, including staffing recommendations.
  • Dr. With shared #BlackatUNT tweets with all DSA staff and asked directors to utilize it as a training opportunity with staff.
  • DSA Incorporated time at Division-wide meetings for a student to share their story so staff could learn from their personal experiences.
  • Division of Student Affairs directors are currently reading “Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria” and will have facilitated discussions around it.
  • DSA has incorporated diversity and inclusion initiatives in its strategic plan.
  • Student Legal Services added a second lawyer with increased immigration knowledge to support our DACA students.
  • Implemented a PUSH Summer Bridge Program to help foster care alumni students better transition to UNT.
  • Bring in consultants each year to ensure the effectiveness and efficiencies of DSA departments.
  • Office of Disability Access launched the ODA Student Advisory Committee which meets monthly.
  • Off-Campus Student Services awarded 40 book stipends ($200 each) for non-traditional, graduate, and single-parent students.

DSA Ongoing Actions

  • Dr. With will meet monthly with the Division of Student Affairs Black Professional Network executive board members to keep a pulse on staff issues.
  • Dr. With will meet periodically with Black staff members and other identity groups to listen, learn, guide, and bring about much-needed change when it comes to racial equality in our Division and University.
  • Dr. With will meet with the Black Student Union President one-on-one instead of just through the Student Advisory Board each month.
  • When the Event Safety Committee determines it necessary, DSA will provide funds to have a police presence at student organization events.
  • Dr. With shared #BlackatUNT tweets with all DSA staff and asked directors to utilize it as a training opportunity with staff.
  • Training will be provided to educate DSA staff on restorative practices and racial battle fatigue.
  • Dr. With will ask Division directors to sponsor/lead small group discussions related to topics like white fragility, white accountability, and other race-related issues.
  • DSA will establish the Center for Counseling Diverse Populations through the Counseling Department. 
  • Planning for a stand-alone Multicultural Center will begin this fall.
  • To expand knowledge about the Black experience and solutions for racial equality, DSA will purchase a book for each staff member. 
  • The DSA Diversity Council is developing guidelines and best practices for affirmative search processes and a 15-minute implicit bias training to offer to all DSA search committees at their initial meeting.
  • Dr. With will send monthly diversity updates to the Division of Student Affairs.