Event Safety Committee


The mission of the Event Safety Committee is to oversee events put on by student organizations on university property/in university facilities that have been referred by the Student Activities Center. The ESC seeks to support student organizations in their endeavors while also keeping in mind the safety of the organization, the student body, and all guests as well as to maintain the integrity of the institution and its property.


Event Safety Documents 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why did I receive a call from the Event Safety Committee?

You received a call from the Event Safety Committee because your event was referred from the Student Activities Center as having possible risk elements associated with your event.

Why did my event get sent to the Event Safety Committee?

There are several things that could have flagged your event and sent it to the Event Safety Committee. Some, but not all, aspects that will trigger Event Safety are the following:

  • Events with projected guest counts of over 100
  • Events with more than 10 off-campus guests
  • Minors being present (does not include TAMS/UNT students under 17)
  • Event lasting past 12:00 am
  • Physical activity
  • Presence of alcohol
  • Guest speakers present
  • Tick sales, fundraising
  • Hazardous materials (paint, henna, etc.)
  • Film showing

Does my organization have to attend the meeting?

Yes. In order for your event to be approved and hosted on UNT’s campus, the organization must attend the meeting.

What happens if I am late or don’t show up?

The Event Safety Committee is a part of University Policy. Failure to show up on time or to the meeting can result in your event being cancelled and not being able to occur on campus. If you are unable to attend, you may send a member of your organization that is knowledgeable of the event.

When/Where does the Event Safety Committee meet?

The Event Safety Committee meets every Monday from 1:30-3:00pm in the Union. After you are called about a meeting, you will receive a confirmation email with the exact time and location you are to attend.

What will occur during the Event Safety Committee meeting?

The committee will determine stipulations with which the organization will need to comply in order to hold the event. They will follow the Student Event Safety Planner that is emailed to all student organizations in their ESC Meeting confirmation email. As a result of stipulations, additional costs (i.e., security, insurance, etc.) may be incurred.

I attended my Event Safety Committee meeting. Now what?

After you have attended the Event Safety Committee meeting and the Event Safety Planner has been signed by all constituents, it will be scanned and sent to you for your review. Please review this carefully. Once all the approvals on OrgSync have been given and everything discussed at the Event Safety Committee meeting has been completed, Event Safety will approve your event on OrgSync.

If the Event Safety Committee says that they will be providing you with wristbands for your event, it is your responsibility to reach out to the chair before the event to attain the wristbands. Please note that an ESC representative may attend the event to ensure all stipulations are being followed to the best of the organizations ability. Attendance at an event depends on the nature of the event occurring, as well as past event history of the organization.

I want to plan an event for next semester. Can I meet with the Event Safety Committee now?

Absolutely! The Event Safety Committee Chair and Graduate Assistant hold weekly office hours for you to come in and start talking about your event early. If it is large scale, the Event Safety Committee can meet with your organization about your event a semester prior to the date you would like to hold your event. 


Committee Members

Brittany Landau- Chair

Daniel Walker- Graduate Assistant for Event Safety

Kally Jorgensen- Student Activities

Captain David Owen & Captain Jim Coffey- UNT PD

Tommy Jones- Risk Management

Crystal Daniels- Risk Management

Donnie Richie- Scheduling Services (attendance based on event location)

Kari White- Greek Life (attendance based on event location)

Korey Stamp- Rec Sports (attendance based on event location)

Connie Verdin & Courtney Burke- Gateway/Coliseum (attendance based on event location)

Contact Us


Event Safety Office Hours:

Mondays from 10 am- 12pm, Union 376
Fridays from 10 am- 12pm, Union 376
*Also by appointment

Brittany Landau, Event Safety Committee Chair
Phone: 940-565-3355
Brittany.Landau@unt.edu or eventsafety@unt.edu

Daniel Walker, Event Safety Committee Graduate Assistant
Phone: 940-565-3537
Daniel.Walker2@unt.edu or eventsafety@unt.edu