Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How can I get tickets?

  • A: That depends on where the performance is located.
    • For performances in the Union please visit
    • For performances in the Murchison Performing Arts Center please visit
    • For performances in the UNT Coliseum please visit
    • Exhibitions in the Union Art Gallery never require tickets
  • Tickets can also be purchased at the door for every event, beginning at least a half an hour before the performance begins. However, it is advised that everyone secure their tickets in advance to ensure a seat in the event of a sold out event.

Q: How much do tickets cost?

  • A: That depends based on the performance, and a variety of other factors. We have three tiers of pricing: current UNT Students are always free, UNT Faculty/Staff/Alumni Association member receive a discounted price, and a general admission price.

Q: Why are UNT students allowed to get tickets for free?

  • A: The Mary Jo & V. Lane Rawlins Fine Arts Series is presented with the generous support of UNT Student Service Fees. Therefore, UNT students can attend any and all of our performances free of charge, so long as there are still tickets available.

Q: Where can I park?

  • A: For events at the University Union, we would suggest parking in the Union Circle Garage or the Highland Street Garage. The Union Circle Garage is a Parkmobile garage.  There is no attendant and no cash accepted. Pay for parking using a credit card in the Kiosk machine (outside spaces) which gives you a ticket to put in your dash.  Or park anywhere and pay by downloading the app on your smartphone.  The rate is $2.25 per hour.  The Highland Street Garage (located at Ave A and Highland Streets) accepts cash or credit.  The rate is $2.00 per hour.
  • A: For events at the Murchison Performing Arts Center or the UNT Coliseum, the ticketing site will include the option to purchase an event-specific parking pass. This pass will indicate which lot to park in for that event.  Typically, Fouts Field (Lots 19 and 20, on North Texas Boulverad) is the most common parking area for these venues.
  • A: If you require more detailed information, you can read all about parking on UNT Campus at
  • A: A parking map is available HERE

Q: What should I wear?

  • A: There is no dress code at any of our events or in any of the venues!

Q: Are drinks/food allowed in the venues?

  • A: Food is available for purchase in the University Union, but should not be brought into performances because it may distract the performers or other guests.
  • A: Food and drink is not allowed in the Murchison Performing Arts Center, nor is there any food available.
  • A: Concessions are available in the UNT Coliseum on a case by case basis. Please contact our office for more information.

Q: What if I arrive after the performance starts?

  • A: Permission for late seating is determined by each performance, and is permitted in most cases. For certain events, you may be asked to wait for a pause before entering. Please feel free to ask if you are not sure.

Q: Can I take photos during the performance?

  • A: Many performances are copyrighted and the use of cameras/picture phones with or without a flash or any other type of recording device is strictly prohibited. Violators may be asked to leave the performance. Cameras and phones should be placed in a pocket or purse when in the performance.
  • A: On some occasions, the performer may let you know that they would like you take photos and share them on various social media platforms. If that is the case, then please feel free! But tag us too! @untfinearts We want to hear from you too!

Q: What is your child admission policy?

  • Children will need a ticket but are welcome to attend any or all of our events!  Please keep in mind that many of these events are for adult audiences.  

Q: What if I need assistance?

  • A: Persons needing special assistance should contact our office at 940-565-3825 or TTY at (800) 735-2989 a minimum of one week in advance of the program.


Ticketing System Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do I get a ticket for the lecture/event/concert?  Tickets are only available on-line at

Q: Is every student guaranteed a ticket?  No - the number of available tickets is limited by the capacity of the event.

Q: If students are free at the event, why do I need to get a ticket?  Securing a ticket in advance guarantees you a seat to the event. If an event is sold out, no additional entry would be allowed at the door.

Q: I'm on the ticket site but can't find where to get a ticket.  You must be logged in with your EUID and password for the ticket to be available. Once logged in, on the right side of the main page, click on the name of the Event you would like to attend. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see your ticket options and to get your ticket.

Q: I'm logged in, but still can't get a ticket For Students/Faculty/Staff.  Did you log in with your EUID and Password? If logged in on the general public side (right side of log-in page), the system does not recognize you as a student, faculty or staff and will only show you the General Public ticket option, if available. For General Public: If ticket options do not show, tickets are not available for sale to the general public at this time

Q: I've logged in with my EUID and Password but still don't show the option to get a ticket.  Are you a current UNT Denton student? Are you a current UNT Faculty or Staff member? The system knows if you are currently enrolled and will not let you get a ticket if you are not a current student, even though you can log-in with your EUID & password. The system also knows if you are a current UNT Faculty or staff member. If you work on campus but ARE NOT EMPLOYED BY THE UNIVERSITY, i.e. work for the bookstore, post office, etc., YOU ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO PURCHASE A TICKET. PLEASE NOTE: The system verifies your status at the time you log-in. This includes faculty & staff. There are many people that have an EUID & password that are not current students and/or UNT faculty/staff. Events that are paid for with student fees collected from the Denton campus, do not allow students from other campuses the ability to receive a free ticket. Most events allow these students to purchase a discounted ticket.

Q: I got a ticket but can't find it. Log-in to the ticketing system, click on "My Account" on the menu bar at the top of the screen. You will see an option to print your eTicket. If you don't see your ticket, then it was not processed/purchased.

Q: Do I need to print my ticket?  Yes - having your ticket available and ready to scan will speed entry at the door. You can show the ticket on your smartphone, but a paper ticket scans easier.

Q: Are tickets available at the door? If the event is not sold out prior to the performance, tickets will usually be available at the door, but it is based on the discretion of the event coordinator.

Q: How many tickets can I get? The system will show only the number of tickets you are available to purchase at any given price point. Events that offer free student tickets, limit the number of free tickets to 1 per student.

Q: When trying to make a purchase, the system shows AVS mismatch error, why? The system must match the billing information on the account to the billing information on the credit card being used. If they do not match, the transaction cannot be processed. (This process is to eliminate fraudulent transactions)

Q: I’ve had a change of plans and cannot attend the event, can I get a refund?  Per our purchase policy there are no refunds or exchanges on ticket purchases. You are free to give the ticket to someone else to use, if you would like.