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Digital Signage Network


University Union Marketing
University of North Texas
1155 Union Circle #310710
Denton, TX 76203-5017
(940) 369-5979

What is the Union Digital Signage Network? 

The Network is a full-color, digital event promotion and media system available in the University Union at the University of North Texas Denton campus for on-campus student organizations and departments.

The Network advertisements run on large LCD screen monitors strategically located throughout the Union. Each advertisement runs for 20 seconds in a queue, playing once every three to five minutes. Ads utilize both our interactive touch screens and our non-interactive touch screens.

Why Choose the Union Digital Signage Network? 

The Union is the central meeting place for UNT students, faculty and staff as well as community members and campus guests. More than 20,000 people visit the Union each day. It is home to a variety of services including retail dining, bookstore, post office, student life offices, copy center, and a variety of meeting and study spaces.

The digital signage monitors are located on all four levels of the Union and are located in the most high-traffic areas within the facility.

Policy and Guidelines 

The UNT University Union digital signage project is a service offered to registered student organizations and UNT departments. This promotional tool is cost-effective, sustainable, and is a visually engaging method of communicating events, programs, and services to the UNT community. A variety of interactive and non-interactive displays are strategically located throughout the new UNT Union, which serves over 20,000 people a day. To utilize this service, there is a small fee for departments and no cost to registered student organizations.

Advertisements include horizontal and vertical signage at the Union and/or Discovery Park. If you would like to utilize the large video walls on the walkways of the Union, please email Union.DesignWorks@unt.edu for details.


Week - $25 per week
Month (4 weeks) - $75
Semester - contact us for details. 
Video Walls on catwalks - $25 per week


The following guidelines can help you create your own advertisements that will work best in our system.  The vertically oriented poster template is designed to mirror the same size dimensions of your typical lawn sign.  For the horizontal orientation, refer to a standard powerpoint slide, or a 16:9 ratio.


Pixel dimensions

  • Vertical 864x1296 pixels
  • Horizontal 1296x864 or 756x540 pixels

Save your artwork as a .png at 96 dpi

It is highly recommended to optimize your image for the web when working in Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign.

All advertisements are subject to the rules outlined by the University Union House Guidelines, below.

  • The Union reserves the right to take down any digital advertisement that it considers inappropriate (unsuitable use of language and graphics) and any advertisement that does not follow the policy guidelines or branding guidelines set forth by the University.
  • Only campus departments and registered student organizations may display digital advertisements.
  • All events advertised on these banners must be open to anyone with a UNT ID.
  • Groups that restrict membership on the basis of gender or GPA, such as Greeks (social and academic fraternities/sororities), may not individually request banner space for rush or membership drives.  However, they may advertise these activities as a group through their governing bodies.  Any rush related banners should be council-wide, as a whole.
  • Advertising weekly meetings are not allowed.  Groups wishing to advertise guest speakers at weekly meetings must state speaker name and topic, meeting location, date and time.
  • Registered Student Organizations are limited to one ad at a time and have the fees waived.
  • Departmental advertisements cannot run for longer than one month.
  • Any written material that is not in English must have an English translation adjacent that UNT has approved.  Please contact them here.
  • Any submission not meeting these size guidelines outlined above will be rejected, as they will not display properly on the screens.
  • Advertisement requests must be submitted at least one week in advance.
  • Ads will run from 7:00 am Monday to midnight on Sunday.