Greek Emerging Leaders

Held in the Fall and Spring semesters, the Greek Emerging Leaders class is geared towards any member of the Greek community who wants to learn more about and develop their leadership style, with a focus on the newer members of the chapters. The class is taught by the Greek Life and Center for Leadership and Service Graduate Assistants, who develop their curriculum around the book The Student Leadership Challenge by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. Students can sign up themselves, or they can be nominated by a fellow chapter member who sees great leadership potential them in! If you're interested in signing up for the course, you can visit the Center for Leadership and Service page.

Course Objectives 

  • As a result of participating in Greek Emerging Leaders, Students will be able to
  • Define the relationship between their personal values and their organization’s stated values.
  • Identify and enhance their personal leadership strengths and areas for growth relevant to the application of leadership in Greek organizations.
  • Be familiar with the historical background of Greek organizations and be familiar with the differences and similarities of the four governing councils.
  • Gain an understanding of the moral and ethical dimensions of leadership in a Greek organization.
  • Describe a deeper meaning of what it means to be “Greek.”
  • Define and describe the concept of leadership.