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In 2017, the Greater Texas Foundation awarded $1.6 million to the University of North Texas to extend its successful college and career peer mentoring program, High School Career Connect (HSCC), into local middle and high schools. The program was established in response to the Texas House Bill 5, which requires children to choose endorsements (academic tracks) in eighth grade, allowing them to tailor their high school experience to one that better prepares them for their careers. Unfortunately, many schools lack adequate career education services to assist students in making informed choices regarding continued education and careers. HSCC’s mission is to increase access to relevant career resources and expand Denton County schools’ capacity to deliver them.

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The High School Career Connect Team is dedicated to you, no matter who you are.  Not only are we a resource of information regarding career opportunities for the employees of tomorrow, but we also provide support to schools to implement the requirements of House Bill 5.