2019 Homecoming Court

Deana Smiling In Front of Trees

Deana Ayers

Nominating group: IGNITE
Classification: Senior
Major: Social Work

What I’d do with $1,000 to Impact UNT: Create a conference to educate our students on how to become organizers and activists around issues that affect our generation.

Bio: Deana Ayers is a senior pursuing a degree in Social Work, with a minor in Political Science. She currently serves as President of IGNITE at UNT, Governmental Affairs Director for the Student Government Association, and an executive board member of the Reproductive Rights Organization of Student Educators. Deana is passionate about community organizing, and is a member of several social work and reproductive justice organizations outside of UNT. On a typical day you can find her registering fellow eagles to vote, running back and forth between university department and student organization meetings, or sharing political information on Twitter. She has several dream jobs, including becoming a social work professor, running for a Texas house seat, and being the policy director for a non-profit. UNT has helped Deana explore her passions and connected her with some of the most amazing people in Texas. She is grateful for the opportunities and community that the university has given her, and beyond excited to be on this year’s Homecoming Court.

John Standing

John Carr

Nominating group: Filipino Student Association 
Classification: Senior
Major: Business Integrated Studies

What I’d do with $1,000 to Impact UNT: Research and develop a composting system for our campus and its dining facilities.

Bio: John Carr is a Senior International Business Integrated Studies major. Born in Topeka, KS, he moved to Texas in December of 2014 to live closer to his mother and further his education. John has been in love with UNT since his initial visit to the campus, and his eagerness proved true during his first day of class after becoming President of his residence hall and receiving an invitation from his fraternity. John is passionate about breaking societal barriers and learning about different language cultures, which led him to study innovative business practices in France this past summer. When free from campus, John enjoys traveling with friends, cheering on the Mean Green Volleyball, and trying new foods. UNT has provided an unimaginable support system of diverse individuals and the freedom of unconditional self-love. In his time at UNT, John has served as Rawlins Hall President, an Eagle Camp Leader, an Orientation Leader, a proud member of Greek Life, SGA Election Commissioner, SGA Eagle’s Nest Director, participated on the MJG Residence Hall Design Team and various University Committees. He has simultaneously worked as the Honors College Student Ambassador for four years and is currently the Event Coordinator for the Filipino Student Association.

Destyni Smiling In A Suit

Destyni Clark

Nominating group: Black Student Union
Classification: Senior
Major: Marketing 

What I’d do with $1,000 to Impact UNT: Host an expo with all student entrepreneurs to demonstrate their business to everyone on campus, including faculty, staff, Alumni, and the Denton community.

Bio: Destyni Clark is a senior here at UNT, where she is studying Marketing with a concentration in Professional Selling. Destyni currently serves in many roles on UNT’s campus. Just to name a few she is an Eagle Ambassador for the department of Campus Tours and Information, a member of North Texas 40, and also the current treasurer for the Black Student Union on campus. Throughout her years at UNT Destyni has demonstrated a passion for the campus through many servant-leadership roles, from mentoring incoming freshmen and transfer students, to leading new student orientations to show and share her mean green pride. Collectively, Destyni embodies being a true “eagle” by being unapologetically herself in everything that she does. Destyni will always be grateful for the involvement, relationships, and opportunities that UNT has afforded her. She will transfer her experiences beyond the campus of UNT, while always showing gratitude to the school that she calls home.

Hunter Smiling In Front Of UNT Building

Hunter Coey

Nominating group: Alpha Tau Omega
Classification: Senior
Major: Journalism, concentration in Public Relations

What I’d do with $1,000 to Impact UNT: Plan a week of events surrounding different areas that impact college students' mental health; suicide and depression, stress and anxiety, and addiction.

Bio: Hunter Coey is a Senior pursuing a degree in Journalism with a concentration in public relations and a minor in Sociology. He is a first generation college student with the goal to make his family proud for the sacrifices made for him to attend a university. His time on campus was spent wearing many different hats and practicing all sorts of different roles. He had the honor of being a member of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, President of the Inter fraternity Council, President of The National Society of Leadership and Success, member of the North Texas 40 and a Marketing Consultant for North Texas Daily. He was awarded ‘IFC Greek Man of the Year’ in 2018. In addition to the organizations he has made an impact on, he is driven to help others find the leader within themselves. In 2018 he was on the planning committee to execute All For NT/NT For All a leadership conference hosted by the Center for Leadership and Service. His long term goal is to work for an organization that promotes leadership and success to the youth of America. During his free time he enjoys spending time with his friends and the occasional Netflix binge.

Joshua Smiling In Front Of Curtains

Joshua Harper

Nominating group: National Pan-Hellenic Council
Classification: Senior
Major: Integrative Studies

What I’d do with $1,000 to Impact UNT: Host a week of events that would partner with Sickle Cell Non-Profits, the Student Health and Wellness Center, the Office of Disability Access, and local Sickle Cell victors to spread knowledge about the disease and its effects to the UNT community.

Bio: Joshua Harper is a Senior Integrative studies major at the University of North Texas focusing in Political Science, Communications, and Sociology with a minor in Management. Josh was born in the Greater Houston Area and resided in Missouri City, Texas for the majority of his life. As a student leader on campus, Josh is grateful for the many experiences he has received in his organizations throughout his time at UNT because he knows it has molded him into an effective leader. From being involved in organizations like BSE, SGA, and NT40 ,to say a few, he holds being involved in Greek life as his greatest accomplishment. Being a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. has provided him a community of brothers, leadership skills, and accountability, which are things he believes all first-generation college students should obtain while at school. As for post-graduation, Josh has many options as he is interested in working in Human Resources but also has developed a passion for student affairs due to his involvement in numerous student programs at UNT!

Joshua Standing

Joshua Kilbane

Nominating group: Student Government Association
Classification: Senior
Major: Rehabilitation Studies

What I’d do with $1,000 to Impact UNT: Host a conference for Hispanic & African American men of color in college.

Bio: I, Joshua N. Kilbane, am a man of purpose, passion & love. I was born in Alexandria, Louisiana and my journey to our university began in 2012 when I moved to Texas. Throughout that time in high school I learned to develop myself & I decided to attend the University of North Texas. During my tenure here I have served the North Texas campus and community through several positions within NT40, Student Government Association, Black Student Union, Orientation & Transition Programs, BIG BROTHER BIG SISTER & the Multicultural Center. The legacy I have left behind is one of servant leadership. My end goal in every situation is to help someone else elevate to a level that they haven’t been on before, as well as grow myself.

Charlotte Smiling Outside

Charlotte Loewes

Nominating group: Student Alumni Ambassadors
Classification: Senior
Major: Psychology

What I’d do with $1,000 to Impact UNT:  Host a workshop focused on teaching students what sexual misconduct looks like and the effects these acts have on people.

Bio: Charlotte Loewes is a senior Psychology major, counseling minor at UNT. Charlotte is currently Assistant Director of Traditions for the Student Alumni Ambassadors, Vice President Standards for Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vice President for the North Texas Emeralds, a member of North Texas 40, and a research assistant in the Critical Race Research Lab. Previously, she has served as an orientation leader, a camp counselor at Ramapo for Children, a Greek Ambassador, and was a 2019 Golden Eagle Award Recipient. In her free time, she loves visiting Ginnings Elementary to read with second graders and mentor fifth grade girls through their GEMS program. After graduation, she intends to pursue her doctorate in Clinical Psychology to be a children’s psychologist. Charlotte’s passions include sexual assault prevention, increasing resources for children in foster care, and the mean green!

Morgan Smiling In The UNT BLB

Morgan Walthall

Nominating group: Pi Beta Phi
Classification: Graduate Student
Major: Accounting 

What I’d do with $1,000 to Impact UNT:  Donate the money to the food pantry on campus.

Bio: I have been attending UNT since the Fall of 2016. I am currently a student in the G. Brint Ryan College of Business working on completing my Masters in Taxation. By attending UNT I have been given numerous life-changing opportunities. In the Fall of 2017, I was able to become a part of greek life. I have now served as the Vice President of Administration for my sorority, Pi Beta Phi, for the past two years. This fall I have also been given the opportunity to serve as one of the student ambassadors for the Ryan College of Business. These opportunities, the other extracurricular activities, and the environment for the education I have been provided, have all helped me become the woman I am today. I aspire to be a role model for others and help them achieve their personal and intellectual goals. Upon graduation, I hope to land a career as a tax advisor and financial planner. However, in the further future, I would like to use my experience and business knowledge to open my own dog rescue. It is an honor to be nominated for homecoming royalty, and I hope to live up to all of its expectations.

Shaelynn Smiling Outside

Shaelynn Wolfe

Nominating group: Eaglethon
Classification: Senior
Major: Integrative Studies: Psychology, Human Development and Family Science, Business

What I’d do with $1,000 to Impact UNT:  Host a Pride Fest for all UNT students.

Bio: Shaelynn Wolfe is currently a Senior pursuing a degree in Integrative Studies, concentrating on Psychology, Human Development and Family Science, and Business. She currently serves as Assistant Executive Director for Eaglethon, Vice President Membership for Kappa Delta, Director of Internal Relations for NT40, and a Student Alumni Ambassador. Previously, Shaelynn has been Executive Director of the Greek Community Board, a graduate of the PLP program, and has participated in two alternative service breaks. She has immense Pride for UNT and is incredibly thankful for everything UNT has given her. She can be found at all the UNT football games or any day in the Union. When not on campus, Shaelynn loves to travel, go to the lake with her family, and hang out with her puppy, Sophie. Shaelynn hopes to get her Master’s in Social Work once she graduates, and someday run a private adoption agency focused on LGBT+ youth and families. #GMG

Michaela Smiling Outside Holding Up UNT Eagle Hand Sign

Michaela Wright 

Nominating group: Alpha Delta Pi
Classification: Senior
Major: Human Development and Family Studies

What I’d do with $1,000 to Impact UNT:  Partner with the UNT Food Pantry to further develop and advertise for this established campus program.

Bio: Michaela Wright is currently a senior pursuing a degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Alternative Disputes Resolution. In her time at UNT she has served in multiple leadership positions in her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, and is currently the President. Also, she has been a part of the Student Government Association’s Judicial branch for three years, serves as an Ambassador for the Student Alumni Association, mentored through Communities and Schools, and led a Bible Study through the Baptist Student Ministries. In 2019, Michaela also interned for State Representative Lynn Stucky during the 64th Legislative Session, and is currently interning with United Way of Denton County. She plans to attend law school upon graduation and her dream job is working with families planning to adopt. She is passionate about advocating for children and is excited to bring families together. In between classes and her job, you can find her visiting local coffee shops and trying out each shop’s specialty coffee. She believes that every day should start with at least one cup of coffee. Michaela is thankful for the community of friends that has made her time at UNT one of a kind. Go Mean Green!