Honors Day


For more than half a century—since 1950—the University of North Texas has observed the tradition of coming together each academic year to honor our most accomplished and distinguished students, faculty, and staff. Honors Day is an important event in the life of the institution and is co-hosted by the Division of Student Affairs and the Honors College.

Deadlines & Requirements

  • Submissions open TBD
  • All academic award submissions must be entered no later than TBD
  • Student speaker award submissions must be entered no later than TBD
  • GPA requirements are 3.5 for Academic Awards 
  • Only Academic Departments can submit Academic Awards 

Academic Awards

Departmental Award
*Only Academic Departments may submit this award

Academic Departments may submit their award selections to be included in the campus-wide Honors Day ceremony. Once submitted, the department contact will receive a confirmation email with further instructions. Department contacts are responsible for notifying students that their name has been submitted for an Honors Day award.

Recognition Awards 

Student Speaker
*Open to all for nominations

The Student Speaker award goes to a student who carries at least a 3.0 GPA and who has a message to share from the student perspective on the pathway to collegiate scholarship and campus life. 


Excellence Awards

*Open to all for nominations

Alton Thibodeaux Leadership in Diversity Award 

The Alton Thibodeaux Award is presented to a member of the University of North Texas community who exemplifies work and dedication to promoting diversity and multiculturalism. The award was inspired by Alton Thibodeaux who served in many capacities for the University of North Texas including administrator and advisor. Applicants will be judged on their involvement and dedication to diversity at UNT. The recipient will be selected by a committee of students.


Fessor Graham Award 

Named for the late Professor Floyd Graham, this award is presented to a faculty member for outstanding and unselfish service to students. The 'Fessor Graham Award is the highest honor given by the student body. A student committee selects the ‘Fessor Graham recipient and additional Honor Professor award recipients. Professors will be judged on teaching excellence, outstanding and unselfish service, publications and scholarly work, and length of service to the university and community.