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Executive Board

Executive Board

Applications are available each April for the Project VolUNTeer Executive Board. Meet our 2017-2018 Board.


Executive Director
The Executive Directors’ role in Project VolUNTeer is centered on organizing and planning the year’s events. The Executive Director supervises the rest of the Director Board to ensure that work is getting done efficiently and the deadlines are being met. The Executive Director delegates responsibilities, acts as a problem solver, mediator, cheerleader, and supports the Board and general committee members. The Executive Director is ultimately responsible for setting the vision and legacy of the year’s Project VolUNTeer signature programs and events. They are responsible for the overall success of the program, of each individual Director and the general committee.

Allyson and Kristen 

Directors of Operations
The Directors of Operations are centered on the day of program, logistics, entertainment, and overall feel of all signature programs and events. The Directors of Operations looks to inspire student participants and members of the organization, and provide them with best possible experience overall.


Director of Development 
The Directors of Development focus is on the recruitment and retention of students, staff, faculty, and alumni that will ultimately become a part of Project VolUNTeer's signature programs and events. The Director of Development is ultimately responsible for the recruitment, development, and retention of Project VolUNTeer committee and signature program participants. 


Directors of Community Development
The Director of Community Development focus is to get the word out about Project VolUNTeer and our events to the community. The Director is responsible for recruiting community partners for Project VolUNTeer's signature programs, as well as, establishing and maintaing relationships with partners to provide a resource beyond day of events. They are ultimately responsible for taking the necessary steps to perpetuate Project VolUNTeer in terms of reputation and recognition, and aiding in the successful continuation and growth of the programs.


Director of Public Relations
The Director of Public Relations is responsible for overseeing social media, messaging, and marketing for Project VolUNTeer and our programs. They are ultimately responsible for creating and maintaining a positive brand online and in the community.  


Director of Education
The Director of Education is responsible for the education components of Project VolUNTeer and our programs that will benefit committee members, participants, and the community at large.