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Intern Experiences

NTDC Internship Celebration

Honoring our program trailblazers and 2017 interns on April 14th, 2018

What was the best thing about your internship? 

"The best thing about the internship is the chance to live and work in the center of government and policy making. The firsthand experience you get from being in DC is something you could never get from a book or learn in a classroom. It's a chance to see how things really work and will certainly change the way you think about government." – Jake, Congressman Burgess

"The best thing about my DC internship is the real-world work experience and knowledge I've gained about how our government functions. You can't learn this in a classroom. I'm discovering for myself what it takes to succeed on Capitol Hill." – Trayton, Senator Cornyn

"I think my favorite thing about living in D.C. was learning about how Congress functions in general, but also learning how people who work on The Hill think about politics, Congress and constituents. Learning through interacting with staffers taught me how the system actually functions." – Jena, Congressman Burgess

"The most rewarding experience I had as an intern in D.C. was watching the Pope address Congress and then being blessed by him from the balcony." – Nathan, Congressman Castro