Accessibility Information Management (AIM) Instructor Portal

The Accessibility Information Management (AIM) system is an online application used to set up and manage academic accommodations for students with disabilities at the University of North Texas who are registered with the Office of Disability Access. Through the AIM system, instructors can review ODA Letters of Accommodation (LOA) for each student enrolled in their courses; complete Alternative Testing Agreements; view the status of students test requests with the ODA Test Center; upload exams; and review peer's notes that have been uploaded into AIM. 

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How will the AIM Faculty Login help faculty?   

  1. Management of Students' Letters of Accommodation (LOAs) 

    • When students request accommodations, ODA will send the letters to faculty via email. 

    • In addition, faculty will also have access to student letters and the students' accommodations when faculty log into the AIM Portal. 

  2. Interact with the ODA Test Center  

    • Complete ODA Testing Agreement(s) (IMPORTANT because student will NOT be able to request a test center appointment until faculty complete the agreement.) 

    • See all exam proctoring requests students have submitted to the ODA Test Center. 

  3. Soon faculty will also be able to see assigned note-takers in their courses and review notes that have been uploaded from note-takers 

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