ODA Alternative Classroom Furniture Request

Use this form only if “alternative classroom furnishings” is listed on your ODA Letter of Reasonable Accommodation that you give professors. Before submitting this form, please visit your classroom to see if it already has furniture that will meet your needs, if possible do this before classes start. If you still need furniture, submit this form clearly describing the type of furniture you may need. Also, some classrooms are equipped with furniture securing systems for ODA items, furniture can only be placed in this classroom at the location of those systems. 

It is extremely important to point out to professors the furniture items that are delivered to the classroom for your use. Furniture is often inadvertently removed from classrooms when faculty are unsure why it’s in their room. 

PLEASE NOTE, a minimum of 7 business days is required to have furniture placed in a classroom sometimes longer during the busiest periods of the semester. 


I have checked to make sure that the classroom does not already have furniture that will work for me. It will take at least 7 business days for the furniture to be delivered and possibly longer due to high demand at the beginning of the semester.

I will promptly inform the ODA if my furniture does not appear after that time period or is removed from the classroom.

I know that in certain classroom furniture provided by the ODA will need to be locked down and the furniture items cannot be moved once installed. These items can also only be placed in the classroom at the location of the lockdown device.

By completing this form, you acknowledge that it may contain personal information including information protected by federal privacy laws. It is intended only for those with legitimate educational interests at UNT.  If you are not the intended recipient, any content obtained from this service or unauthorized access is strictly prohibited. For additional information please see UNT Policy 07.018

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