Our Mission

The Spiritual Life seeks to promote the spiritual development of our students by encouraging thoughtful dialogue, critical thinking, personal reflection, and interfaith awareness. We aim to create a safe and inclusive environment for all students as they reflect on and engage with their beliefs, values, purpose and ways of making meaning.

Our Vision

That all students, regardless of their respective worldviews and spiritual backgrounds, are inspired to better understand their own beliefs and values, as well as those of their peers, in pursuit of building a community of thoughtful and informed leaders, both on campus and beyond. Ultimately, we want the Office of Spiritual Life to become the primary destination for students looking to explore, evaluate, and engage with their own personal sense of spirituality.

Commitment to Interfaith Cooperation and Advocacy

According to the Interfaith Youth Core, Interfaith cooperation (or religious pluralism) is an intentional and active engagement of religious diversity to achieve mutual respect for all individuals religious or non-religious identities, acquire “mutually inspiring” and authentic relationships, explore shared values across spiritual and religious identities, and build stronger communities by fostering change for the common good. Spiritual Life is committed to the pursuit of interfaith cooperation and advocacy throughout the UNT community. 

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