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Sahaja Yoga Meditation - picture of body in meditation with chakras

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  • Clases de meditación en Español en línea
  • Feel-Good Fridays, Lunch-break Meditations
  • Guided Meditation Sessions, Every Weekday Evening
  • Lunch-break Meditation Session, every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Guided Meditation Sessions, Saturday Morning
  • International Yoga Day 2021 - Meditation with live music and ragas performance (June 19th)
  • Meditation for Moms
  • Telugu Language Guided Meditation Classes

Get rid of stress, anxiety and reset yourself with simple to follow
Sahaja Yoga meditation technique.

"There can be no peace in the world until there is peace within."

- Shri Mataji, Founder

At the core of Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a powerful, long-term vision: Make each individual peaceful, one at a time, and the world automatically becomes peaceful. Shri Mataji believed that no amount of resolutions, peacekeeping missions or discussions could establish world peace. The only path to world peace would be the innate transformation within each person, which dissolves the desire to aggressor fight; while inspiring each person to give more to others and to the society, than what he takes.

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