Online Student Appreciation Week

November 6-10, 2023

Join us for a week-long celebration of our dedicated online learners during Online Student Appreciation Week, held in conjunction with National Distance Learning Week. Throughout this week, we'll showcase programs and resources available to our online student community, and host events to help online students connect to each other and the UNT Community. Together, we'll celebrate online learning at UNT and the achievements of our remarkable online students.

Program Schedule

On demand programs are available all week for you to complete on your own time.

Online Student Appreciation Week Scavenger Hunt 

Complete the Online Student Appreciation Week Scavenger Hunt on the Scavify app, by participating in photo challenges, and answering trivia! To participate, download the Scavify app from your Apple or Google Play Store. Create an account in the app and search for "UNT Online Student Appreciation Week".

Sleep Well, Be Well Virtual Edition

Early bird or a night owl? Learn how to prioritize your sleep health while attending college!

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Lights Out Virtual 

Submit anonymous sexual health questions and learn about safer sex practices and resources. After completing this course, participants get access to the Condom Club!

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Do I Need to See a Doctor Virtual 

Learn how to care for yourself if you're sick or hurt. We'll cover basic at-home first aid, when to see a doctor, available services, and how to schedule appointments.

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Resume Review

Get feedback on your resume from one of our amazing Career Coaches.

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