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Supreme Court

The Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch is made up of our Supreme Court and the Advocate General. This branch works to uphold the integrity of UNT SGA’s Bylaws and Constitution.

How to become a member: This branch is appointed by the Student Government Association President and approved by Senate. Applications are available around the start of the academic year.

October 23, 2017 -

"Regarding the New College case, the Supreme Court ruled as follows:

*Justice Barnes was absent and did not vote, Chief Justice Chakour did not vote. Voting Justices numbered 5.

For the initial question of whether the Senator was eligible to maintain their seat, the Court ruled against by a count of 5-to-0.

Following, the Court discussed and subsequently ruled in favor by a count of 5-to-0 that the Senator in question be eligible to maintain the seat contingent upon further action.  Given the circumstances, the Court feels that it best serves both the students to be represented, and the intentions of the student who would serve as Senator.

The Court voted in favor by a count of 5-to-0 to recommend further action be defined for this case as the process found in the SGA Bylaws, section 6, point D. 


Jena Chakour"