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The Student Government Association is charged with filling 45 committee positions. Looking to get involved? Look below to see the committees we have available.

The Student Government Association strives to get undergraduate students involved on campus! Our external committees allow students to gain experience working with faculty/ and or staff, and help make UNT a better place for students by providing student feedback.


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2018-19 Committee appointments - 

Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs committee studies and makes recommendations to the Senate on the university policy concerning admission standards of entering undergraduate students.

Committee Members:



Alton Thibodeaux Selection Committee

The Alton Thibodeaux award is given to faculty who exemplify work and dedication to promoting diversity and multiculturalism at UNT. The selection committee works together to look over nominations and select an award recipient for this award.   

Committee Members:


Athletic Council

The Athletic Council reports directly to the President of the University of North Texas and is the primary body which advises the President and the Director of Athletics on all matters relating to intercollegiate athletics.

Committee Members:



Bookstore Innovation Group

The Bookstore Innovation Group committee welcomes student, faculty, and alumni feedback to ensure bookstore provides products and services.

Committee Members:



Distinguished Lecture Series

The University of North Texas Distinguished Lecture Series is chartered as a university-wide standing Administrative Committee. The objective is to provide the university and greater communities with a variety of distinguished lecturers and speakers that will bring significant interest, visibility and added prestige to the University of North Texas.

Committee Members:



Distinguished Teaching Selection Committee

Each year the Distinguished Teaching Selection committee selects two or three new distinguished teaching professors (DTP). In addition, the committee reviews current DTP's on a 5-year rotation.

Committee Members:



Eagle's Nest

The purpose of Eagle’s Nest funding is to assist registered student organizations with their programing; which can be defined as events, services, or projects. The committee helps review and decide whether funds will be allocated to student organizations.

Committee Members:



Education & Prevention of Sexual Assault & Intimate Partner Violence

The Education and Prevention of Sexual Assault & IPV committee consists of faculty, staff and students that work on programs, education and prevention efforts for our community on sexual assault and intimate partner violence. In addition, the committee is involved with the City of Denton and Denton County.

Committee Members:


Eligibility Appeals

The Eligibility Appeals committee hears appeals from student organization officers who fail to meet the requirements to serve as an officer for a registered student organization. The committee then decides by vote count whether this student is granted or denied an appeal.


Emergency Preparedness Advisory Committee

The Emergency Preparedness Advisory committee serves the campus community by participating in proactive planning efforts and providing assistance in developing strategies to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from events that threaten life, property, and operations.

Committee Members:



Fessor Graham Selection Committee

The Fessor Graham selection committee works together to look over nominations and select an award recipient for the Fessor Graham Award. Professors are judged on teaching excellence, outstanding and unselfish service, publications and scholarly work and length of service to the university and the community.

Committee Members:


Fine Arts Series

The Mary Jo & V. Lane Rawlins Fine Arts Series curates visual, literary, and performing arts events for the UNT and greater Denton community. Committee members submit proposals for musical performances and help coordinate events.

Committee members:



Food Advisory Committee

The Food Advisory committee discuss food taste and variety, cafeteria and retail changes, service, and other concerns that students may have.

Committee Members:



I Bike UNT

The scope of the iBike UNT committee is no longer just bike safety, but all bike issues, projects, initiatives and events.

Committee Members:



Raupe Travel Grant Committee

The Raupe Travel Grant is a scholarship offered to University of North Texas undergraduate students who are attending a conference that will not only benefit the university, but themselves as well. The committee decides whether students will receive funding or not.

Committee Members:



Student Conduct Committee

The Student Conduct committee convened at the request of a student or student group. The committee provides a second opinion for impartial evaluation of alleged violations of misconduct and/or sanctions that have been assigned by the Dean of Students office.


Student Service Fees

The Student Services Fee Committee is established to advise the President in the budgeting of student services fees. The committee recommends the allocation of student services fees to best serve the needs of the largest number of students.

Committee Members:


Take Back the Night

Take Back the Night is a program that involves the prevention of sexual assault. Committee members help organize a march to support survivors on the UNT Campus.

Committee Members:



Tree Advisory Committee

The Tree Advisory committee meets to discuss tree issues and priorities for the UNT Denton campus.

Committee Members:


Union Board of Directors

Union Board of Directors is a volunteer committee that helps approve or deny purchases over $5,000 for the Union. Some examples of items that are brought up to the Board to purchase include additional furniture requests, floor cleaning machines, av/tech speakers or cameras, etc.

Committee Members:


We Mean Green Fund Committee

The We Mean Green Fund (WMGF) committee is the reviewing body for WMGF Projects, which will recommend funding or denying project funding. 

Committee Members: