The Student Government Association strives to get undergraduate students involved on campus! Our external committees allow students to gain experience working with faculty and staff, while helping make UNT a better place for students by providing student feedback.


There's still vacant seats waiting for you to fill them! Check out the Woman's Resource Committee, Non-Traditional Student Affairs Committee, and the Student Employment Advocacy Committee below and apply here today!


Wondering where you'd best fit in? Here's an overview on each type of committee and how they're run.

Advocacy Committees:

  • Student led, student run
  • Advocacy committees are the primary way for students to organize and create change within the student body. These committees are organized by the sitting members, report to the SGA President, and provide their insight and advice to the Student Senate and various University departments.
  • While each committee has a limited number of seats, once a month, the committee will hold a public meeting to open the floor to all UNT students.
  • This is the primary way for students with no SGA experience to get involved.

University-Wide Committees:

  • University led, student run
  • University-Wide committees are a combination of students and various UNT entities. These committees report to their respected office, department, or entity, but are primarily dictated and run by students.
  • No previous SGA experience is required.

Departmental Committees:

  • University led, student supported
  • Departmental committees are primarily governed directly by various UNT entities. These committees are often a coalition of faculty, staff, administrators, and students.
  • Students with previous SGA experience are prioritized as those selected for Departmental committees represent the Student Government Association on an institutional-level.


2020-2021 Committee Opportunities


Advocacy Committees:

Women’s Resource Committee

The Women’s Resource Committee is committed to be inclusive of all women, regardless of background, sexual orientation, or expression. This committee aims to promote feminism and inclusively through discussion, advocacy, and fundraising while connecting women to campus resources. Additionally, this committee is charged with the continuation and execution of initiatives expanding women’s health and safety on the UNT campus, including SGA’s Women's Hygiene Initiative.

Committee Members: Isabella Zeitz, Savannah Davis, Schenita Floyd, Lovecarol Mingo, Sheline Asuma

Seats Available: 5

Disability Inclusion Committee

The Disability Inclusion Committee aids the Student Government Association in promoting awareness and acceptance of students of all abilities within the University community by facilitating communication among student organizations and working to increase general knowledge of accessibility and standards of inclusively. The Committee will also be tasked with working with the Office of Disability Accessibility to coordinate initiatives and programs to create a more inclusive and accommodating campus.

Committee Members: David Munoz-Sarabia, Katie Whitefield


Mental Health Coalition Committee

The Mental Health Coalition Committee serves as the liaison between SGA and the various student organizations focused on mental health and wellbeing. Uniting together, students across campus will work in conjunction with the Student Government Association to end the stigma against mental health issues here on campus and across higher educational institutions. 

Committee Members: Lorenzo Wilson, Jade Johnson, Chloe Thompson, Ethan Gillis, Sheline Asuma


Equity and Diversity Committee

The Equity and Diversity Committee will be a coalition of identity groups across campus that strive to support equity and acceptance of all individuals that come to UNT’s campus. Students will be working on various initiatives to push for ongoing empowerment of all marginalized groups.

Committee Members: Rachel Gain, Isabella Zeitz, Jade Johnson, Ka'Lonji Ryan

Committee Chair: Isabella Zeitz


City and State Relations Committee

The City and State Relations Committee is the key connection between the local and state governments and the UNT Student Government Association to advocate for the values and ideas aligned with the undergraduate student body. The committee will work closely with the Governmental Affairs Director and will be charged with creating events and initiatives to promote civic engagement and community education to empower students to take action in their own communities. 

Committee Members: Devon Skinner, Schenita Floyd, Miles Walker, Jareth Quintero

Committee Chair: Devin Skinner


Campus and Student Safety Committee

The Campus and Student Safety Committee will work towards alleviating the various student safety concerns regarding lighting, facilities, and potentials threats surrounding the UNT campus grounds. The committee will be charged with planning the annual SGA Safety Tour and creating at least two additional campus-wide events pertaining to student safety. 

Committee Members: Rachel Gain, Emerson Braun, Jareth Quintero, Njaveva Bingana, Rachel Whelan

Committee Chair: Rachel Gain


Non-Traditional Student Affairs Committee 

The Non-traditional Student Affairs committee exists to advocate and provide resources to enhance the campus experience for non-traditional students.

Committee Members: Devon Skinner

Seats available: 4


Student Employment Advocacy Group

The Student Advocacy group will be at the forefront for providing students a platform to discuss student employment practices, off or on-campus student housing concerns, and so much more. Students on this committee will be able to work directly with various departments to ensure student wellbeing is at its best.

Committee Members:

Seats available: 5


Queer, Trans, BIPOC Advocacy Group

Committee Members: Ka'Lonji Ryan, Chloe Thompson, Gavvy Lott, David Munoz-Sarabia, Katie Whitefield

Committee Chair: Ka'Lonji Ryan



University-Wide Committees:

Alton Thibodeaux Selection Committee

The Alton Thibodeaux award is given to faculty who exemplify work and dedication to promoting diversity and multiculturalism at UNT. The selection committee works together to look over nominations and select an award recipient for this award.

Committee Members: Sydney Valentine-Parris, Sara Onwunali, Mac Cepeda, Subecha Niraula, Nardos Kiros, Daniel Ojo, Asia-Youngs Bailey, Reese Neal


Eagle's Nest

The purpose of Eagle’s Nest funding is to assist registered student organizations with their programming; which can be defined as events, services, or projects. The committee helps review and decide whether funds will be allocated to student organizations.

Committee Members: Zachary Walker, Quentin Collins, Mallory Ingram, Christopher Williams, Austin Voigt, James Curtis, Desti Watts


Raupe Travel Grant Committee

The Raupe Travel Grant is a scholarship offered to University of North Texas undergraduate students who are attending a conference that will not only benefit the university but themselves as well. The committee decides whether students will receive funding or not.

Committee Members: Amber Martin, Sydney Valentine-Parris, Christopher Howard, Kevin Herrera, Nathan Collins, Lorenzo Jaques, Fiona Scoggin



Departmental Committees:

Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs committee studies and makes recommendations to the Senate on the university policy concerning admission standards of entering undergraduate students.

Student Representative: Yasmin Behram 


Athletic Council

The Athletic Council reports directly to the President of the University of North Texas and is the primary body that advises the President and the Director of Athletics on all matters relating to intercollegiate athletics.

Student Representatives: Amani Jannah-Celestine, Tommy DeJesus


Bookstore Innovation Group

Meets once a month to discuss matters regarding the UNT bookstore.

Student Representatives: 


Division of Student Affairs Student Advisory Committee

Advises the Department of Student Affairs representing the Student Government Association.

Student Representatives: Michael Luecke, Cameron Combs


Distinguished Lecture Series

The University of North Texas Distinguished Lecture Series is chartered as a university-wide standing Administrative Committee. The objective is to provide the university and greater communities with a variety of distinguished lecturers and speakers that will bring significant interest, visibility and added prestige to the University of North Texas.

Committee Members: 


Distinguished Teaching Selection Committee

Each year the Distinguished Teaching Selection committee selects two or three new distinguished teaching professors (DTP). In addition, the committee reviews current DTP's on a 5-year rotation.

Student Representatives: Paige Saucer, Peyton Jackson

Eligibility Appeals

The Eligibility Appeals committee hears appeals from student organization officers who fail to meet the requirements to serve as an officer for a registered student organization. The committee then decides by vote count whether this student is granted or denied an appeal.

Student Representative: Yasmin Berham


Faculty Mentor Committee

Represents SGA on the Faculty Mentor Committee under the Faculty Senate. The committee's duties include: conduct an annual survey with some modifications. Initiate a literature review on mentoring in academic institutions. Examine mentoring programs at our peer universities. Develop a best practices document after the systems used by our peers are investigated as well. CAS’s and COBA’s documents already provide excellent starting points.

Student Representative: Detavious Hill


Fine Arts Series

The Mary Jo & V. Lane Rawlins Fine Arts Series curates visual, literary, and performing arts events for the UNT and greater Denton community. Committee members submit proposals for musical performances and help coordinate events.

Committee Members: 


Free Speech and Public Assembly Policy Committee

The Free Speech and Public Assembly Policy Committee is an ad hoc committee working in conjunction with the Dean of Students to reform University policy to comply with the 2019 Texas Senate Bill 18.

Student Representative:


Presidents Advisory Council

The President's Advisory Council convenes on an as-needed basis. The student committee member represents the Student Government Association to the Office of the President.

Student Representative: Michael Luecke, Tiffany Miller

Spirit Committee

Meets once a month starting August 2020 in conjunction with the Office of Student Activities.

Student Representative: N'Kima Browning


Student Service Fees Committee

The Student Services Fee Committee is established to advise the President in the budgeting of student services fees. The committee recommends the allocation of student services fees to best serve the needs of the largest number of students.

Student Representatives: Michael Luecke, Cameron Combs, Detavious Hill, Quinton Franklin


Transportation Advisory Committee

The Transportation Advisory committee provides student input to the Department of Transportation Services.

Student Representatives: Michael Luecke, Cameron Combs


Tree Campus USA Advisory Committee

The Tree Advisory Committee meets to discuss tree issues and priorities for the UNT Denton campus.

Student Representatives: Cameron Combs, Danielle Colvin

Undergraduate Student Innovation Advisory Board

This advisory board is relatively new, and its goal is to provide a forum for UNT students to engage with one another and the campus around issues and needs related to the operation of our digital and innovative efforts including online courses and programs, blended learning, educational technology and future classrooms.

Student Representatives: Michael Luecke


Union Board of Directors

Union Board of Directors is a volunteer committee that helps approve or deny purchases over $5,000 for the Union. Some examples of items that are brought up to the Board to purchase include additional furniture requests, floor cleaning machines, av/tech speakers or cameras, etc.

Student Representatives: Michael Lecke, Cameron Combs


University Homecoming Committee

Meets once a month starting August 2020 to represent SGA and assist the Homecoming Crew and Office of Student Activities.

Student Representative: Jackie Martinez


University Library Committee

The University Library Committee is a Standing Committee of the Faculty Senate requiring input from the undergraduate student body. It acts in an advisory capacity to the Dean of Libraries.

Student Representative: 


University Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for college-level scholarships, policies, procedures, and other concerns related to student scholarship matters.

Student Representatives: 

University Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

The UUCC is the primary institutional body that oversees and reviews curriculum from an institutional perspective. Led by the Office of the Provost and the Faculty Senate, the UUCC helps ensure that the University’s curriculum and the processes and procedures by which it is reviewed and approved are consistent and appropriate.  For a full description of the UUCC, click here.

Student Representative: Peyton Jackson, Tommy DeJesus


We Mean Green Fund Committee

The We Mean Green Fund (WMGF) committee is the reviewing body for WMGF Projects, which will recommend funding or denying project funding. 

Student Representative: