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Talons Leadership

The Talons Exec Board consists of six positions; The President, The Vice President, The Parliamentarian, The Treasurer, The Secretary, and The New Member Educator.

The President oversees all work of the organization and maintains a positive image through public relations. The Vice President appoints committee heads and oversees committee activities. The Parliamentarian enforces and interprets the Talons constitution and maintains a roster of all active members. The Treasurer collects dues of all members and handles any financial transactions. The secretary takes minutes of the meetings and handles official correspondence of Talons. The New Member Educator informs new members and prepares new members for initiation.

Asiah Claiborne • President

Hometown: Denton, TX
Major: Integrative Studies (Counseling, Psychology, & Public Affairs and Community Service)
Classification: Senior

Denay Richards • Vice President

Hometown: Killeen, TX
Major: Emergency Administration & Disaster Planning
Classification: Junior

Scarlett Bradley • Parliamentarian

Hometown:Round Rock, TX
Major: International Studies


Robert Myers • Treasurer

Hometown: Houston, TX
Major:Mechanical and Energy Engineering
Classification: Senior

Alberto Bravo • Secretary

Hometown:Houston, TX
Major:Computer Science

Noe Mendoza • New Member Educator

Hometown:Dallas, TX
Major:Biology & Integrative Studies

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