Freshman Year

Class of 2022

Freshman Year Outcomes

  • Connect to UNT
  • Develop Study Skills
  • Learn Campus Resources

Large Freshman Programs

  • Class Cause Reveal
  • Race to Registration
  • Freshman Rising

Class Cause

UNT 2021 selected Human Rights for their Class Cause.

Freshman Checklist

  • Meet with an academic advisor
  • Get involved in campus activities
  • Visit Learning Center
  • Check UNT email on regular basis

Freshman Class Pin Requirements

100 Pin Points are needed to earn your Freshman Pin.

There are lots of ways to earn your pin. Students can submit proof of points earned Monday through Friday 8AM-5PM to the Orientation and Transition Programs Office in the University Union, Suite 377. You can also email copies of evidence of participation, etc. to Isaiah Ross at

Program Point Value
Complete the Emerging Leader Series and Summit 50 Pin Points
Participate in Family Weekend 20 Pin Points
Attend Freshman Transition Programs 25 Pin Points per program/event
Participate in 4 hours of Class Clause Service Projects 10 Pin Points
Join a Student Organization 5 Pin Points
Make the Dean's List 30 Pin Points
Attend any UNT Program 15 Pin Points per program/event
Community Service 2 Pin Points per service hours (max 20 points per service opportunity)