First Flight Expectations

Small Group Meetings

All small groups will have a wristband to wear throughout the week to help identify the group and keep students together by residence hall and wing. Each small group will have a designated meal time throughout the week to help with lines during meal times, specifically lunch.

All small group leaders are the resident assistants. Your RA is your leader. Throughout the week your leader will have activities for you to participate in as you prepare for the upcoming semester. In addition, all on-campus residents are required to participate in small group meetings to learn expectations as a student living on-campus.

University 101

University 101 is an online course for new students that serves as a refresher for maintaining good study habits, time management skills, and activities to get you in the college-going mindset. University 101 can be accessed online via the Canvas learning management tool. Canvas can be accessed at by logging in with your campus EUID and password.

New Student Convocation

New Student Convocation will be held live via Zoom on Wednesday, August 19 from 4-5pm. Students will get to hear from administrators and student leaders, as well as participate in the pinning and saying of the UNT academic creed.

First Flight Programs

Students are invited to visit the First Flight website for information on how to participate in online First Flight programs. There will also be opportunities for students to explore our campus and pick-up their Class of 2024 t-shirt.

In order for students to make First Flight their own, by the end of the week you must attend a total of 7 First Flight Programs in the following categories:

My Prep

Being prepared for college level work is your first step to a successful year. What you may need in terms of preparation will vary by student. Throughout the week you must attend 3 programs in this category.

My Life

On a campus UNT’s size, opportunities to engage in campus life are abundant. Take time this week to connect with your peers, figure out ways you want to be involved on campus, and immerse yourself in the spirit and traditions! Throughout the week you must attend 2 programs in this category.

Our Community

Learn what it means to be a part of our caring, inclusive community. Throughout the week you must attend 1 program in this category.

My Health and Wellness

Cultivating a lifestyle that embraces ideas of health and wellness are keys to your happiness and success in college. Throughout the week you must attend 1 program in this category.

My Future

Although graduation is still 4 years away, the actions you make today will impact your future. Throughout the week you must attend 1 program in this category.