Mental Health Resources

Support for health and wellness are an important part of UNT’s campus culture. UNT’s Counseling Center and Student Health and Wellness Center offer counseling, suicide prevention training, psychiatric health and well-being care, and consultation services with our dieticians in confidential settings. Located on campus in Chestnut Hall, the centers also assist students through innovative programs that include animal assisted therapy, massage therapy and a newly created MindSpa.

If you’re experiencing stress, anger, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, thoughts of suicide or other issues or know someone who is, there are ways to get assistance through:

On-campus resources:

Health and Fitness (7 Dimensions of Wellness)


Resources in the Denton community:

2519 Scripture Street
Denton, Texas 76201
Phone: 940-381-5000
Matthews Hall Annex
1180 Union Circle
Denton, Texas 76203
Phone: 940-565-2066
Welch Street Complex 2
425 South Welch Street
Denton, Texas 76203
Phone: 940-565-2970

Online Resources:

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention and Education

Health Assessments and Quizzes

Mental and Physical Health and Wellness

Community Resources

Assistance for faculty and staff:

Please contact the UNT Employee Assistance program provided through Alliance Work Partners. Services are free and confidential. Self-referral phone number 1-800-343-3822.


When seeking help from UNT mental health professionals, your health information will remain confidential in accordance with federal and state laws.

Other ways to maintain a healthy mind and body:




Health and Wellness at UNT

Watch this video highlighting the services we provide to help you maintain your physical and mental health while you attend UNT!

Stress Management


Counseling and Testing Services

Adult Mental Health First Aid (sponsored by Denton county MHMR)


Good for you, meditation is.