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UNT Homecoming

Stay Tuned for Information Regarding Homecoming 2018!

We're looking for spirited student leaders who want to help plan the 2018 Homecoming Week events & Activities!

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Homecoming Crew Eligibility/Qualifications

  • Must be enrolled at UNT for full time serving on Crew (Spring & Fall semesters)
  • Must be in good academic and disciplinary standing
  • Must currently have and maintain a 2.5 cumulative UNT GPA or higher (If an applicant does not have a UNT GPA, their cumulative GPA will be used)
  • Must be available to attend Homecoming Crew retreat in the spring & multiple meetings throughout the summer
  • Have a genuine interest in leadership, Homecoming activities, and UNT school spirit
  • Must be able to work both independently and within a team
  • Demonstrates strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrates strong analytic and problem-solving skills
  • Has a positive attitude and a strong work ethic

General Responsibilities for all Crew Members

  • Coordinate events for Homecoming, in conjunction with advisors and Student Activities
  • Maintain a minimum of (3) office hours per week during the fall semester
  • Attend all Homecoming Crew meetings (typically held bi-weekly in the summer and weekly throughout the fall semester)
  • Attend weekly hour-long 1:1 with Advisor, providing updates on progress of event planning
  • Attend all trainings, retreats, and Homecoming Week events
  • Facilitate promotion of all Homecoming events
  • Coordinate volunteer needs for respective responsibilities
  • Maintain consistent and clean communication with all Crew members and Advisors
  • Maintain and respect confidentiality when applicable
  • Develop rapport with UNT faculty, staff and student organizations, as well as outside partners, for Homecoming events
  • Maintain budget for respective responsibilities, and coordinate purchases/spending with Advisor
  • Perform other duties as assigned

Additional Student Director Responsibilities

  • Serve as the “face” of the Homecoming Crew
  • Maintain a minimum of (5) office hours per week during the fall semester
  • Represent the Homecoming Crew at various campus events, conferences, and meetings
  • Coordinate, create agendas and lead Crew meetings
  • Serve as the liaison to important Homecoming constituents (e.g. Greek Life, Alumni Association, Residence Halls, SGA, UPC, PBSO, etc.)
  • Coordinate rules, schedules, and processes related to the Spirit Board competition
  • Coordinate Homecoming Awards ceremony to conclude competition events
  • Provide support to Coordinators in planning and executing their respective events
  • Connect with the student body to gain insight on how to improve Homecoming and communicate findings to Crew
  • Assist advisors with duties as assigned
  • Assist advisors in planning trainings and retreats
  • Assist in the selection of the next Student Director