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Homecoming Crew

The 2017 Homecoming Crew is made up of 14 students who have been working since last spring to plan and execute all of the student events for Homecoming Week. Each of them is a crucial part of the team, and full of lots of Mean Green Pride and school spirit.

A Letter from the Student Director: 

Hello Participants!

The University of North Texas is home to over 38,000 students, making it one of the largest universities in the state. Founded in 1890, we’ve cultivated a history that has left its mark on Texas over the past 125+ years. As we pass traditions down from one generation to the next, we can always count on Homecoming to embody everything that celebrates the spirit and tradition of UNT. Since the early 1900’s, UNT has honored Homecoming traditions, such as our annual football game to the highly coveted bonfire, which yes, is the biggest human-made pallet bonfire in the nation. With that said, we are excited that you are planning on participating in this year’s Homecoming and hope that you have an enjoyable and spirited experience.

Over the past seven months, myself and 13 other student leaders on the Homecoming Crew have been working around the clock, dedicating our time and energy to providing a successful and enjoyable Homecoming experience for the entire university. We have all been working incredibly hard this year to make our events as inclusive as possible so that no student misses out on the opportunity to participate in one of the most anticipated weeks of the year. We have also re-named, re-worked, and re-designed some of our events, so that they are better than ever. Our goal is to make sure your Homecoming experience is one that will last a lifetime and encourages you to embody the spirit of UNT beyond your college career.

This year’s Homecoming theme is “Deep in the Heart of UNT,” which was chosen to display the unique history we’ve left on our university and the State of Texas. From the green North Texas flag to the hundreds of thousands of alumni across the state, Mean Green Spirit runs deep in our state’s heart.

If your team has any questions, issues or concerns, please reach out through your Team Captain so that we can assist you in the best way possible. The Homecoming Crew wishes everyone the best of luck in all of the upcoming events, and we hope everyone has a great experience during Homecoming! Go Mean Green!

In the spirit of Homecoming,

Max Richardson


The Crew


Taylor "T Smoove" Navarre                              Tangela Jones                                                  MJ Petties                                                De'Nay Richards                          
          Scrappy games                                                 Royalty                                                          PBSO Rep                                                      Parade


      Jennifer Wright                                           Max Richardson                                              J. T. Liles                                                     Misaki Collins           
 Volunteer Recruitment                                    Student Director                                          Spirit Board                                                        Service



      Codesia James                                               Alayna Herod                                                 Jerry Green                                             Delaun Andersoon           
           Spirit Day                                                           Bonfire                                        Social Media Promotions                              Marketing Promotions



                                       Eddie Mendoza                                              Allanah Greene                                    
                  UPC Rep                                               Volunteer/Recruitment