Student Organization Leader Development



Looking for an opportunity to take your Student Organization to the next level? Attend Student Organization Leader Development (SOLD) Workshops and learn what it takes to make your org the best it can be! While these workshops target student organization officers, students looking to become officers in the future can benefit as well.


Spring 2020 Workshops

  • Treasurer's Training with the Student Money Management Center

    • Thursday, January 30th at 2 pm in BLB 060. RSVP here.
    • The Treasurer's Training is an interactive workshop where student organization treasurers will learn how to effectively manage their organization's money! This workshop will include the following:
      • Budget your organization's operations
      • Financially plan for events
      • Gain knowledge on fundraising ideas for your organization
      • How to get the organization out of sticky financial situations by using preventative measures
      • Learn best practices on managing an organization's money!
  • Explore and Empower with the Multicultural Center

    • ​Thursday, March 19th at 4 pm in BLB 060. RSVP coming soon.
  • Passing the Torch: Officer Transitions

    • Wednesday, April 15th at 1 pm in BLB 075. RSVP coming soon.

Discovery Park SOLD Workshop

  • Date and topic to be announced soon!


Past SOLD Workshops


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