Student Org Leadership Development


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Looking for an opportunity to take your Student Organization to the next level? Attend Student Organization Leader Development (SOLD) Workshops and learn what it takes to make your org the best it can be! While these workshops target student organization officers, students looking to become officers in the future can benefit as well.

Upcoming SOLD Workshops

Stay tuned for the Spring 2021 schedule!

Past SOLD Workshops

SOLD: Mentally, I'm Here

In March, the unexpected happened, nations across the world were shutting down and going into isolation. An unknown virus caught us all by surprise as we told to quarantine ourselves for safety. You’ve heard that we are currently living in “uncertain times”. This interactive SOLD presentation will discuss the importance of mental health and self-care during a pandemic. Participants will be able to curate a self-care plan during this “new normal” with an engaging mini activity. 

SOLD: Motivating Members

Are your org members feeling worn out by virtual life? This workshop will focus on practical ways to motivate and engage members in this unique time of Zoom meetings and virtual events.

We will discuss:

  • Understanding the different levels of engagement 
  • Developing strategies to engage and retain members
  • Exploring new ways to engage in a virtual setting

SOLD: Passing the Torch

Officer Transition is a BIG DEAL! Is your organization looking to improve the transition process between last year's team and next years? Incoming and outgoing officers are encouraged to attend this workshop and find out how to achieve a successful transition of leadership.

Learn how to...​

  • utilize internal practices that support organizational sustainability,
  • create and maintain an effective leadership transition process, and 
  • prepare incoming officers for the responsibilities of their new positions.​

Treasurer and Fundraising 101 Training 

The Treasurer's Training is an interactive workshop where student organization treasurers will learn how to effectively manage their organization's money! This workshop will include the following:

  • Budget your organization's operations
  • Financially plan for events
  • Gain knowledge on fundraising ideas for your organization
  • How to get the organization out of sticky financial situations by using preventative measures
  • Learn best practices on managing an organization's money!

Marketing and Recruitment with Design Works

Design Works Coordinator, Kellie Golden, will be sharing tips and tricks to market and recruit for your organizations as well as sharing exclusive package deals for materials. 

Explore and Empower with the Multicultural Center

Shabaz Brown, Coordinator for the Multicultural Center, will be guiding student officers through an interactive workshop called Explore & Empower. Student officers who attend the workshop will:

  • Explore how we look at differences in others and ourselves
  • Unpack the role that diversity and inclusion plays in becoming a leader
  • Identify the community in which they are in and serve
  • Apply the practice of exploration and empowerment with differences to organization

SOLD: Highlighting your Involvement

You’ve done a lot as a student leader at UNT; all of your involvement would look great on a resume. Not sure how to translate that involvement? Have an upcoming job opportunity? Don’t let all of your involvement go to waste. Student Activities is here to help you translate your vast student organization experience into marketable skills for the job search.

Join in to learn...

  • how you can turn your organization experience into a marketable skill on a resume
  • what skills are important in the workforce that you can learn from your involvement
  • how to properly put your org experience onto a resume

SOLD: Constitution Revamp

Does your organization's constitution need a facelift? Join Student Activities to ensure your organization’s constitution is accurate or to simply give it a makeover. We can help you spruce up this document for your organization before Fall registration begins.

Join in to learn...

  • the importance of a constitution and how to utilize it,
  • key policies, practices, and procedures for Student Activities and UNT, and
  • your role and how it fulfills the organization's mission.

Past recorded workshops