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President and Vice Presidential Candidates:

Devon Skinner & David Muñoz-Sarabia – “This Starts Now”

Hey, it’s the Skinner + Muñoz-Sarabia campaign! We are excited to share our vision for the next year with you. This isn’t everything on our list of things to get done. If you want to learn more, you can visit our website here: www.thisstartsnow.org. Here’s our platform:1.  Diversity and Inclusion- Fight for a more diverse faculty and staff at the University of North Texas. Host town halls with the UNT Administration and the public on problems regarding race and discrimination regularly, not just when issues make headlines. Advocate for additional funding for minority-focused organizations.- Pushing for additional resources for LGBTQIA+ students in addition to all other personal identities which face obstacles towards success.2. Addressing Transportation Concerns - Review the 2016 Parking and Transportation Master Plan with the Transportation Department to ensure that the policies which the department pursues are beneficial for everyone.- Work with Transportation to ensure they have the resources needed to increase alternative transit availability such as busing and carpool options.- Work with the Transportation Department to evaluate a payment plan-like structure for purchasing parking passes, which can be incredibly expensive.- Make the SGA safety tour results publicly available.3. Mental Health Initiatives- Work with the Counseling and Testing Services Center (CTS) to retain our accreditation with the IACS (International Accreditation of Counseling Services) again through proper funding.- Work with UNT Administration to develop policies that recognize the importance of mental health when it comes to being a student.- Develop a focus group with the CTS to assess the general mental state of the Student Body annually.- Promote and coordinate with organizations dedicated to mental health.4. Bringing Students to the Table Through Proactive Representation- Creating more committee seats in Departmental and University-wide committees. Ensure that our Senate meetings are more readily advertised and available to the Student Body, as well as making more Executive Branch meetings public.- Implement a tour of residence halls to discuss campus concerns and work on solutions.- Hosting town halls with Senators and the public to hear what you have to say.5. Combating COVID-19 Together- Working with the UNT Administration to share information in as timely of a manner as possible related to COVID-19 and how to protect oneself from it. Advocate for the safe return to normal campus activities. We want to see students walking across the graduation stage and cheering at football games, but we want to make sure students are doing so safely. Promote and utilize vaccination centers on campus and in the Denton community.6. Environmental Concerns- Partner with the Sustainability Office to promote protecting our environment. Develop initiatives to keep our campus clean and environmentally friendly. Offer community service opportunities to the public in coordination with Keep Denton Beautiful. Active SGA members would also contribute to this service.7. Accountability and Transparency- Establish the Office of the Inspector General to ensure independent and fair accountability standards for everyone in the SGA. Regularly update the SGA website and other resources with what the SGA has been doing. Host town halls for the sole purpose of students holding the SGA accountable. Creating a running budget expenditure list so that everyone can see, in real-time, what the SGA is spending money on. For more on our platform, visit www.thisstartsnow.org. You can also visit our Twitter and Instagram accounts using @tsn_unt and our Facebook page at This Starts Now.

Jackson Sweet and Noah Wyckoff:

We are running for SGA President and Vice President because they believe in the students at UNT and want to give them a voice. The SGA has been extraordinarily inactive the past year, and it has strayed from its mission of promoting the interests of the Student Body. It now serves as the official voice of itself, rather than the voice of the Student Body. Together, we will restore that mission and act as true leaders of the SGA and true servants of the Student Body, and make a student government association of the students, by the students, and for the students. We will be true fighters for the Student Body and represent their concerns before the Administration. We will hold the Administration accountable for measures and actions which are against student interests and make sure that things like canceling Spring Break never happen again. We will fight for real issues being faced by the Student Body. We will not waste time and resources on unimportant issues which have no actual bearing on the lives of the students. We will fight for the rights and benefits of students at UNT. Specifically, we will fight for:* Increased benefits for student workers, such as an increased minimum wage and increased hours.* Protecting the right to free expression for all students at UNT* Increased student representation to the UNT Administration* Safely resuming UNT activities and traditions during the final stages of the COVID-19 pandemic* Refocusing SGA's priories to the Student Body by cutting back on the amount of legislation dealing with SGA's internal affairs and increasing the amount of legislation advocating for the Student Body. Together, we all can make UNT the best it can be. We have been through a lot in the past year and a half. We grow closer and closer to the end of the COVID-19 pandemic every day, and we are looking to go back to normal next semester. With that, we need leaders who can take us back to normal and do what we can to make each students' time at UNT the best it can be.


Senatorial Candidates:


College of Education:


Maria Velasco: A large goal of mine is to dedicate more recognition, resources, and efforts to Hispanic Heritage Month. I have been grateful to learn about all the different resources that we have as a Senate and I would be inclined to dedicate some funding to truly celebrating and recognizing Hispanic Heritage here at UNT. As a Senator for the College of Education, I would like to bring more opportunities for students to get hands-on and real-life experiences in a school or classroom. Currently, our degree programs do not incorporate any student teaching or hands-on experience until Junior or Senior year. This can be very frightening for Education Majors, going into a classroom with no prior experience. My goal is to try and incorporate more opportunities for students to gain this knowledge and experience whether it be tutoring, shadowing programs, and simply getting the opportunity to sit in and experience the day-to-day life in a classroom.


Aalyhia Shillow: My platform will be based on representing future teachers at UNT. I have spent my first 2 years at the university listening to the concerns of my peers and now I am ready to take action and fight for solutions. I will be the voice for future educators so that our diverse pool of thought is integrated into campus life at UNT.



College of Engineering:


Andy McDowall: Being an Engineer means working on a team. As your Senator, I would infuse everything I do with the spirit of collaboration and innovation that makes Discovery Park special. I’ve already been developing ways to make myself more available to Engineers, and to bridge the gap between Discovery and the main UNT campus. My social media sends out frequent updates, and my website outlines the work I’ve been doing, as well as general updates for the Senate. I’m also available on the Engineering discord, with a channel dedicated to opening lines of communication between SGA and Engineers. Working at a satellite campus offers unique challenges to our college that other colleges don’t have to face. We have our own facilities, clubs, and culture, all contained within the ecosystem that is Discovery Park. Unfortunately, we’ve been historically underrepresented in the Senate, with just two out of the six available seats representing Discovery being occupied as of right now. That makes it more important that our ecosystem is represented by someone who’s driven and passionate about engineering, like myself. Please consider voting for Andy McDowall for Senator. And as always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Jady Brown: As a representative for the College of Engineering, my goal would be to bring more students to Discovery Park. As a Computer Science major, my goal is to Blake the student body more aware of the specializations of computer science.


College of Health and Public Service:


River Bailey: It is not only my goal, but my vision to have inclusivity become paramount to all other needs. Due to what has happened in the past year, we all need to know that we have each other to lean on. As your student Senator, it is my goal to be dedicated and committed to fulfilling the needs of my constitutions, you.  When elected to the SGA Senate, I will ensure that each and every one of my fellow classmates begin to heal and rekindle the bonds that we all once had before the unprecedented time we have prevailed from


College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences:


Alejandro Castellanos: After a unique year at UNT I have seen this incoming class adapt to the adversity presented due to COVID-19 restrictions, our student body has thrived in spite of a global pandemic. As our university begins its transition into a new normal, we as students are eager for what is to come. As a student Senator I will make this transition smooth and satisfactory for our student body. Within CLASS I want to increase active participation and collaborative efforts to improve the overall sense of purpose for our students. Furthermore, as a University, I want to safely bring back the traditions we all know and love, but for some, have yet to experience. I want to encourage more student involvement in all aspects of campus life and make UNT feel like home again. As we look forward to the challenges that lay ahead there is nothing that cannot be accomplished together. Go Mean Green!


TKorian Mosley: It is with great delight and privilege that I formally submit my application to run and serve as Senate for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Science/The Mayborn School of Journalism. As a member of SGA, I intend to promote UNT's diversity acceptances and enhance student life here at the University of North Texas. I aim to work with the school administration, influencing to offer more on-campus engagement opportunities to promote diversity acceptance. Furthermore, I want to coordinate with the school administration, The Housing Department, and The Department of Transportation to influence more affordable parking permits and parking permit exemptions. I intend to promote student enjoyment, granting students enthusiasm for the entirety of their college days. I am certainly looking forward to representing and serving all of the students here at The University of North Texas in the most beneficial way to the best of my abilities if I happened to be elected as the Undergraduate Senator for this school


Javier Garcia Vazquez: First and foremost, I Javier Garcia Vazquez, am honored to run for your senate representative for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and represent you and advocate for you if I was to be elected. One of my main goals as a senate would be to listen and advocate for you for the best possible transition, as an in-person campus experience is being planned for the upcoming semester. It is in my best interest to make sure you have the best, safest and successful experience moving forward. As a first-generation college student, there were a lot of obstacles and challenges I have had to overcome even after my first year at UNT. That is why my other goal is to promote access to resources for first generation college students, as well as all incoming students. I think it's important that you have a good grip on your education and know what is ultimately best for you. College is a huge learning experience and having the right tools and knowledge to maneuver through it is important. Thank you for considering me as one of your student senates for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences!


Sophia Vomvoris: This past year I have had the honor of serving my fellow UNT students as Senator for the College of Music and am excited to announce my campaign to be your next senator for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. During my time in the Senate, I have gained the necessary experience to understand what it means to be a student representative and want to continue building upon the progression of our institution through the legislative process. As a political science major, I believe that I can strongly advocate and support the CLASS community I so deeply adore and am committed to enhancing the experiences, developing new ideas, and prioritizing the voices and concerns of the student body. If elected, my campaign initiatives would be to continue tackling salient issues such as mental health to offer more information availability and advertise the campus resources available to utilize especially as we transition in the upcoming semester to more in-person activities that might be overwhelming for students. I would also like to build upon CLASS’s individual departments engagement with students, as well as work with CLASS professionalism and the Career Center to enlarge events that equip students with professional opportunities and networking within their designated studies.


Grant Johnson: Hello, my name is Grant Johnson. I want to first of all say that I hope everyone is doing ok and hope everyone is staying safe out there in this chaotic time in our country. I am running for re-election for Senator for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences or CLASS. As your Senator, besides listening to your thoughts and concerns about improvements we can make at UNT I have submitted pieces of legislation that I believe accomplish the promises I made to you when you first elected me. Ranging from making our campus more diverse and inclusive as possible for all students to working with other Senators who shared the common goal of working to improve our school. There is still more work to be done to improve our university. If re-elected I will continue to work hard to fight for each and every one of my fellow students and not just those who are my constituents. If you decided to honor me with again being your representative. I will continue to fight for policies that help students with mental illness and will continue to fight for complete and unilateral diversity/inclusion here at UNT. Again, besides writing legislation that helps ensure this I will also vote for any and all legislation that helps spread diversity and inclusiveness through all of UNT.


Saloni Banerjea: I hope to work towards the creation of a truly universal UNT where the concerns, backgrounds, and circumstances of all individuals are taken into account to ensure the maximum support possible for not only our success but our mental, physical, and overall well-being.  I know UNT to be bursting with incredibly innovative, hard-working, bright students with unmatched fortitude who deserve to feel supported, seen, and understood.  Whether it is the inclusion of a section for cultural competence and reporting process of cultural insensitivity in all syllabi; the recognition and promotion of the needs of varied gender and sexual identities; maneuvering potential disconnect faced by transfer students and students who joined our university in the digital format; accountability for sexual misconduct in all organizations (including Greek Life); or the campus-wide championship of mental health awareness in the forms of Mental Health Days, easier access to resources, and the legitimization of mental health issues as disrupting factors to schoolwork, I will do my very best to fight for the needs of everyone. No Eagle Left Behind!  It is our duty to help facilitate the flight of all members of our Mean Green Family, and that is exactly what I plan to do.


College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism:


Luke Em: As a hospitality management major, my goal in office is to increase awareness about the College of Merchandising, Hospitality, & Tourism (CMHT) and showcase the benefits and degrees our college has to offer to the student body.  I believe the general public lacks awareness of the CMHT, despite how often they use the services provided by our careers. Our field is one of the most influential among businesses, and I hope to make our majors more prominent to future and current students who may not have known of the program. I want to help others with the potential to work in this industry by showing them the career paths we offer by advertising our programs, groups, and events.


College of Music:


Beige Cowell: As Senator for the College of Music, I will represent the broad and diverse group of people I’m pleased to call my colleagues, and advocate for their needs and benefit. As a composer I am familiar with every department in the COM and understand the problems faced by a range of individuals. I want to do what I can to make the lives of music majors easier, increase communication and understanding with the rest of the university, and help lift marginalized voices in the COM.


College of Science:


Victoria Nguyen: My objective and goal for running for senate next semester are to continue my partnership with the UNT Career Center. During fall 2020, I passed legislation for a partnership between the SGA Senate and UNT Career Center. This legislation encourages members of SGA to better advertise the UNT Career Center's accessible and valuable resources available to students and alumni. I continue to advocate for the Career Center through joining their Student Advisory Board and as a senator for SGA. In addition, I know there have been concerns with the way the SGA senate has been running after my experience as a senator this last academic year. I plan to draft legislation to create a more communicative senate that can lead to a smoother system ran during the senate meetings. Moreover, I plan to continue my role in the Student Wellness committee within SGA because I believe my current role and experience will uphold the hard work that had been achieved this year.


Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science:


Ted Kwee-Bintoro: This year has been rough on the TAMS community after being forced to spend a year completely online and away from campus, we feel frustrated and unheard. As I talk to my classmates, many ask the same question “Was it worth it to drop everything and come here?” Let me tell you something: I believe that this school is worth it. I believe that there are so many new opportunities and connections to be made here. I believe that we can get the TAMS experience we deserve, but only if we have leadership that reflects our values. That’s why I’m running for the Student Senate: I want to fight for the best of what TAMS has to offer. As your Senator, I will fight for the restoration of transparency, equality, and democracy. My legislative agenda will focus on holding the UNT administration accountable and ensuring that every single student can have their concerns heard. On day one in the Senate, I will submit legislation that will direct the Election Board to look into adopting instant run-off voting, create a standing committee with the goal of responding to student concerns, and increase TAMS participation in the UNT Student Government Association.


Rohit Rajan: The TAMS community has specific needs that have long been ignored. Representing TAMS as your SGA Senator, I will ensure these needs are heard and resolved in an effective manner. Given the current state of affairs in the TAMS community, equality and equity are crucial components of my TAMS SGA Senate platform. TAMS is oftentimes isolated and considered a disparate entity from UNT, which seemingly further ostracizes TAMS from UNT. Integrating the TAMS community with the UNT community, through equality and equity, will be my number one priority as your SGA Senator. Furthermore, as the TAMS program continues to prosper and grow, it is crucial that we cater to the various needs that arise from an increasingly diverse TAMS student body. This includes providing extended support to student organizations, bridging the gap between students and the administration, and addressing prominent student problems as they arise throughout the year. As your TAMS SGA Senator, I will ensure that equality/equity is attained, change is made, and TAMS successfully integrates with the UNT community.





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