2020 SGA Elections

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Introducing the 2020 Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates

Michael Luecke & Cameron Combs

We plan to Synergize our campus, Outreach to our entire community, Assure that student voices are heard, and Redefine who we are as a student body.

Read Michael & Camron's full platform


Noah Hutchinson & Bakhtawar Yasir

Reform the norm today, see the UNT we deserve tomorrow.

Read Noah & Bakhtawar's full platform


Ryan Keller & Sophia Vomvoris

Our candidacy centers around doing "for you", what we should start doing, what we should stop doing, and what we will continue doing.

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Introducing the 2020 Senator Candidates

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Grant Johnson

Hello, my name is Grant Johnson, and I am currently a Political Science Major at UNT Denton. Coming from a small town, I know first hand the importance of making sure that your voice is being heard. If elected as your senator, I vow never to lose sight of the individual here at UNT. No problem is too small or unconventional; I will always hear what you have to say. As an elected representative for the SGA in the College of Liberal  Arts and Social Sciences, I promise to always listen to your concerns and ideas. I will work hard to secure the diverse and great principles this college envisions for every student. 


Ryan Scott

UNT represents a chance for students to achieve their dreams. All of us here are students at UNT for a reason. In my case I am here because I want to work for the government so that I can help as many people as possible. My platform is simple, I want to be a voice for the voiceless and I want to be someone that my fellow students can come too with problems. I cannot guarantee anything, no one can, but I can promise to listen to everyone's concerns, and I promise to try my very best to address those concerns. This campus is one of compassion, inclusivity and equality for everyone, and that is something that I as a student am extremely proud of. The voice of the students matters, your voice matters and if I am elected, I can assure you that everything I do will be with the best interest of your voice in mind. I am running for SGA Senator so that I can make this campus be what you want it to be, so that you are just as proud as I am to be a student at UNT.


Kelsey Kim

Everyone has a voice, but not everyone is heard. My biggest goal would be to make sure that everyone’s voice is listened to. As a public relations major I find it every important to take into consideration all of the opinions. Along with this, people chose to come to UNT. I strive to make UNT the school that not only you love to go to, but you’re proud of.


Christopher Williams

The college of Liberal Arts and Social Science is one of the most profound and diverse colleges on campus, often leaving some students as if there voice and opinions are not being heard. I plan to advocate for each student as they embark onto their journey who may feel that underrepresented and unheard. As we know there are many bumps and bridges on a journey to success, there will be instances where students will need help and accommodation and it all starts with the help of fellow classmates to spread the word to receive help. We as students, face enough struggles in day to day life, and going through a struggle relating to our academics is not a fight we would want to fight everyday. In my position I would like to make sure students do not have to fight battles on their own. Being that The University of North Texas prides on their diversity and inclusion I would like to implement the diversity and inclusion specifically in the College of Liberal arts and Social Sciences since the College deals with students from all different backgrounds. I feel it is my responsibility that each student has a say so in their future and what they may need. I will serve as the bridge to the gap that does not connect students to their solutions, leading them right where they need to go to as well as being right in front of them to be their outspoken voice of needed!  Ring apart do the College of Liberal arts and Social sciences I would definitely like to enhance the support it give to their students in regards to financial scholarship and gaining more donors for the class by effectively advocating.


Stefania Santos

As someone who highly values the needs of my community and advocating for those around me, I feel that joining student government is the perfect way to exemplify that civic duty. I strive to be a representative for individuals like myself that care deeply of current events and their consequences. Some things I am most passionate about are pushing for immigration rights and protection, environmental awareness and aid, supporting the LGBTQ community, and bringing an overall greater representation to people of color. I prioritize social justice and hope to better my community through pushing for legislation that best serves their constituent interests. My high investment in journalism has provided me with much experience interacting with others as I truly enjoy approaching individuals and learning about them and what they seek in life. I am also extremely politically invested especially in this unique climate we are living in. Overall I aspire to be the embodiment of representation regarding the individuals that make up my community and strive to do so through this great organization.


G. Brint Ryan College of Business

Melissa Rwehumbiza

During the 2018-2019 school year, I had the opportunity to serve as a senator for the G. Brint Ryan College of Business, learning the importance of accurately representing such large groups of people. If elected, I plan to not only advocate for business students, but all undergraduates. It is my mission that every student has an outlet for their voice and opinions to spark real, student supported change on campus. As a student on such a diverse campus, I love to serve our university and want to create an environment where we can see our university serving us. Within the G. Brint Ryan College of Business, I plan to provide transparency and communication on behalf of the administration to students (and vice versa). I will also continue to fight for equal opportunities and representation, a fight that has already been started by many campus leaders before me. I will do all in my power to improve the G. Brint Ryan College of Business, and the university as a whole.


Paola Rojas

As a senator, I would like to increase sexual assault prevention initiatives on campus such as investing more money in night transportation across campus and adding a curriculum for organizations on campus to educate their members.


College of Engineering

Alyissa Sanders

I want to bring more representation for out of state students and college of engineering also well bring unification of discovery park and main campus


College of Health and Public Service

Hector Morales

I believe I would be a good fit in SGA because there are still steps that can be taken in order fort there to be more transparency. Although the school has completed measures and been forthcoming with the information, the information can be difficult to come around, causing students to struggle to see such material. Apart from this I would like to see more opportunities for community education so students would be able to take what they learn and see ways they can bring change in the many communities that the students come from. I would also like to see more civic engagement with local and state governments, as many students live in Denton during the school year many of us vote in this county. We are then forced to vote for local officials that we have not heard much of, I would like to be able to bring them to campus so the student body can be more informed on who they vote for. Another reason for wanting to join is to be a voice for the many minorities and first-generation students, as myself. I want to make our experiences to be heard by the university in order to bring change.


Casey Jimenez

For representing the College of Health and Public Service I have a desire and a passion to educate and inform the individuals in this school as well the future students to come. Campus Safety while cycling on campus, Public Service with Green intuitive to reduce the ever increasing carbon footprint, Personal Health with safety and healthy eating options on campus.


Chloe Jones

I plan to serve my college by sharing our collective needs and ideas to the SGA and allocating for equality and allocating for the needs of all people on our campus. I also want to address the need for more parking for students and try to find a less expensive way for students to park on campus.


College of Science

David Munoz-Sarabia

UNT is known for its diverse and accepting environment. We celebrate the differences that bring us closer as a community and stronger as a campus. This campaign will continue to make our campus environment more inclusive. We will continue to celebrate our differences by sharing stories. Stories contain much importance since they reveal the journeys we have taken and how it made us into the people we are today. We will have a panel of UNT students that will discuss the importance of diversity, struggles of discrimination, and how that has shaped us. This campaign will also address the issue of campus safety. Most students feel unsafe, especially at night, on campus. For most students, packing pepper spray for self-protection is sub-conscience. This campaign will fight for students' protection. We pay enough money to be here and we should at least be guaranteed safety. We will fight for an increase in street lights around campus, an increase in emergency poles, and other measurements to secure our students' safety. This campaign will also promote the discussion regarding sexual assault. This campaign will aim to lower the stigma regarding sexual assault so it gives a clear message that speaking up is okay.


Tara Williams

The college of science prides itself in providing a supportive, inclusive, and collaborative environment for its students, in respect to those guidelines I pride myself with holding and implementing the same values, especially to minorities, if I am able to stay in senate. As a student in the College of Science, I aim to be an example to other students, especially to the minority students, and encourage all students within the COS to grasp all the resources needed for them to reach their fullest potential. I intend to continue to assist students in advancing their college career and engrossing all the information they need to further their careers, along with informing and encouraging students to benefit from all the resources available to them, and ensure to be the voice for everyone in my college.


Cameron Kirkpatrick

If elected my goal is to provide the physics students at UNT, and all UNT students alike, representation in the student Senate body, and act as their voice when necessary.


Jordan Gus

The college of science is a college where students take plenty of different paths. We have students going to medical school, graduate school and many are going in totally different directions.  As a future medical student it has not been very clear to me early on which courses I need to take, what grades I need to make to get accepted into medical school.  During the spring semester It has been made known to me that students have access to medical advisors and people who are actually paid to answer  these questions. In the future I would like to make a direct path with COS students and their specific advisor that best fits them and the future that they want to take on. Many COS students have told me that they may have wasted time and money on unnecessary classes. I want an easy way for students to not need to talk to an  advisor every semester to make sure they're on track to graduate on time. Specifically made paths to each unique student  made easily accessible that can keep us going forwards and not backwards.


Honors College

Jermain "JT" Turner

What's up Mean Green family!!!!!

It’s time to FORWARD the student senate with JT!!!!!!

F-Facilitate student concerns to deans, faculty, and administration.
O- Organize for legislation that impacts students.
R- Restructure how student senate works for our constituents.
W- Work to create spaces on campus for all students.
A- Address real issues for black and brown communities on campus.
R- Remembering student voice first. D- Dedication to the betterment for students of the Honors College.

I am Jermaine Turner a Freshman Integrative studies major with focuses in Political Science, Communications, and Public Administrations. My platform is dedicated to moving FORWARD the student senate. Since joining campus I have been involved with the Rawlins Hall Association, Black Student Union, and a member of the Martial Eagle 2019 cohort. I also had the honor of serving as a Student Government Association Intern. The experience gave me an opportunity to understand how our student senate is supposed to work for the student body. Many times senators failed short on their commitments and initiatives they got elected on. I plan to come join the senate with a new progressive style for student voice and advocacy that gives all students a platform within the Honors College and student body.

FORWARD the student senate to me is a true movement of students understanding that they have a voice that can be amplified through their senator from their respected college. I have four key initiatives I will work on while serving as your senator including your personal needs.

  • Parking and Transportation
    • I would write legislation and advocate a plan that will allow student different payment option depending on their financial limitations.
  • Diversity and Inclusion
    • I would write legislation and advocate a call for more student funding for black and brown organizations and programs on campus like Black Student Union, Latino Student Association, World Echo’s, Martial Eagle LLC, and Black Student Experience.
  • First Generation Student Investment
    • I would write legislation and advocate a student investment found that would allow for the start first ever student RUN student LEAD investment fund for students with emergency needs run by a student committee through SGA.
  • A Honors College Mentoring Program
    • I would write legislation and advocate for a freshman mentoring program to help students transition on campus and navigate through their first year matriculation.


Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science

Kevin Kim

The Texas Academy of Math and Science is perhaps one of UNT's most unique establishments, being a culmination of some of the finest academic minds in the state, but it is important to acknowledge that our community does not just consist of mathematicians and scientists. Being a competitive application-based program, TAMS tends to attract a very diverse student body of many different backgrounds and identities and often, the needs and requests of some of these individuals and groups are misunderstood or even ignored and dismissed. I believe student-led organizations at TAMS allow many of these people to find a community within the school and because of this, they require more freedom and privacy to act independently from the administration so I will strive to work towards empowering the students to pursue their passions without the restriction of admin. As your SGA senator, I will make it my goal to ensure every voice and every opinion is heard, helping facilitate change, allowing our TAMS student body to get the respect and treatment we deserve as  students and professionals. I ask for your vote not as your candidate but as your equal, requesting the privilege of carrying your voice to the senate.


Saatvik Sunkavalli

The role of Student Government Association Senator offers a unique opportunity for students to let their voices be heard in the larger discourse of the university. Nowhere is this position more imperative than in the Texas Academy of Math and Science. While my time here so far has been incredible, I can't help but feel like TAMS students live in a bubble. We have little interaction with the rest of the school, sometimes by choice and sometimes by design, but always at the detriment of all parties involved. My goal is to pop this bubble. I want TAMS to be recognized for all the amazing things it does and be welcomed by the larger UNT community rather than shunned and vice versa. I think I am distinctly able to do this because I have been involved in student government before and have experience being a delegate and, more importantly, an advocate. I want to foster an environment of equity and openness, not only for TAMS students but for every student at UNT. Whether it be in financial aid, student life, or administration, I believe every person deserves a voice, and I want to be that voice for TAMS.


Puranjay Shori

As a student of TAMS, I have a deep-rooted connection to my peers, and I often find myself the voice of their concerns. My platform is aimed at improving the educational facilities at UNT, such as facilities like The Writing Center, Math Lab, Teaching Assistants, and Supplemental Instructors. Although these facilities set a foundation for resources for the public, they can become unreliable and inconvenient, either due to timings or other inconveniences. Moving these facilities online, or having a wider variety of tutors of different academic backgrounds will definitely help the students of UNT succeed. Safety is also a large concern for me, and I believe that it is imperative for students to feel comfortable in areas or times when walking on campus may be unnerving, by implementing volunteer-based programs, where students can call for a buddy to walk with them back to their desired location. Furthermore, I advocate in any systems that foster comfortability among UNT students such as having more universal and campus-wide (such as in each building) charging stations. Overall, I seek to make students feel safe, comfortable, and able to reach out to great facilities at UNT not necessarily being utilized effectively.


Navya Chintaman

If chosen as Senator, I would make due effort to minimize, to the best of my ability, the two notable and interconnected problems I have noticed at TAMS. I would note the lack of diversity from all over Texas represented at TAMS. Many of the students are local, or from a major city in Texas, which fosters the pretentious belief that there is no talent in the more rural or isolated communities in Texas, whereas it is the opposite that is true: there is a multitude of talent present in every single small town, village, farmhouse, and disconnected neighborhood as there is in a large public school. On my behalf, there would be an effort made to try and encourage greater diversity to both apply and to be reached out to by the TAMS community, as no racial, geographical, or socioeconomic limitation should hinder anyone’s right to have a higher education. The second problem I have noted is the divide between TAMS administration and the students. I would try my hardest to create more opportunities to connect both, as a representative of the student population, but also vocalize more concerns and raise awareness over prominent student problems.


Ranak Bansal

As a Student Government Senator, my goal is to create a significant change within UNT. I would like to focus my campaign toward educating the student body on all the tools and resources offered to students by UNT, as well as creating new resources geared towards students' success during and after graduation. I wholeheartedly believe that one’s journey at UNT does not end when they graduate. Throughout our lives, we will continue to use the experiences and tools we have garnered during our time here; therefore, my vision is to make sure we leave UNT as prepared as possible for the real world. Although UNT boasts incredible student services, a lot of work needs to be done for students to truly succeed. One part of this plan is to increase the number of career fairs hosted at UNT, allowing for an increase in job prospects after graduation. Furthermore, I would like to increase funding for the career development center, allowing for students to create better resumes, give better job interviews, and garner more attention from potential employers. I feel as though these changes will allow UNT students to graduate knowing that UNT has made them prepared for the real world.


College of Education

No Candidate. If you're interested, run as a write-in candidate!


College of Merchandising, Hospitality, and Tourism

No Candidate. If you're interested, run as a write-in candidate!


College of Music

No Candidate. If you're interested, run as a write-in candidate!


College of Visual Arts & Design

No Candidate. If you're interested, run as a write-in candidate!



No Candidate. If you're interested, run as a write-in candidate!


Honors College

No Candidate. If you're interested, run as a write-in candidate!


New College

No Candidate. If you're interested, run as a write-in candidate!