Summer 2018

SS2018-B1-Summer Senate Sessions

SS2018-R1-Homecoming Royalty 

Fall 2018

F2018-B1-College, School, Academy Split/Merger By-Laws Addition

F2018-R1-Food Pantry Name Change 

F2018-B2-Frisco Constitutional Addition 

F2018-R2-UNT Parking Pass Payment Arrangement 

F2018-B3-Election Code Withdrawal 

F2018-R3-Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Syllabi Statement 

Letter from Vice President of Student Affairs 

Spring 2019 

S2019-B1-SGA Graduation Honor Cord

S2019-B2-General SGA By-Law Update

S2019-B3-Frisco Campus Senate Seat

S2019-B4-Removal of Work Session

S2019-B5-External Standing Committees

S2019-B6-SGA Constitutional Amendment

S2019-B7-SGA Member Paraphernalia

S2019-B10-SGA Senate 2019 Apportionment

S2019-B9-SGA Constitution Special Session Addition

S2019-B11-SGA By-Law Table of Content

S2019-B12-Officers of the Student Senate

S2019-B14-Special Sessions

S2019-B13-Frisco Campus Senate Seat

S2019-B15-Appeal to the Supreme Court Case #4

S2019-B16-Roles of the Advocate General

VETO Reasoning 

S2019-R1-Gynecological Services for Womens History Month

S2019-R2-TASFA Application

S2019-R3-Fair Disciplinary Action for Drug Policy Violations VETOED

S2019-R4-Inclusivity in Recreational Sports

S2019-R5-Supporting HB 375

S2019-R6-Faculty Diversification Proposal

S2019-R7-Harm Reduction and Education 

S2019-R8-The Separation of Powers FAILED

S2019-R10-Counseling and Testing Center Long Term Services 

Letter from Vice President of Student Affairs - 04.18.2019

Letter from Vice President of Student Affairs - 05.22.2019

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