Health Center Pricing

How does the Health Center compare against other facilities for pricing of services? 

The Student Health and Wellness Center is often less expensive than other facilities for most services based on cash costs of services.  Check out our current medical services pricing comparison and pharmacy pricing comparison to see how we compare on most often requested services.

What does it cost to see a provider or nurse? 

Payment of the Medical Services Fee, which is built into the student's tuition and fees, allows access to the Student Health and Wellness Center. A student will incur discounted charges for services such as, but not limited to:  lab, x-ray, treatments, injections, pharmacy, nutritional consultation, and specialty physician visits.

Medical Services Fee

The fixed Medical Services Fee is collected from each enrolled student for the purpose of operating, maintain, improving, and equipping the Student Health and Wellness Center. This fee provides exclusive access to services and programs to UNT students. Benefits include:

  • Access to on-campus services in our AAAHC accredited medical facility. Our providers are here to protect the health of our students and can treat illness & injuries, perform annual wellness exams, and manage ongoing health care issues.

  • Access to our conveniently located pharmacy

  • Access to discounted walk-in laboratory services

  • Access to discounted dietician services

  • Access to discounted psychiatric assessments and management (with referral)

  • Access to free health education and programs throughout the year

  • Access to no cost referral services

  • Access to Meadows Center for Health Resources, which includes promotion of healthy lifestyles, free HIV screenings, condom distribution site, peer health educators, and discounted massage services.

Will my insurance pay for my visit? 

If you have insurance coverage through the University-endorsed student insurance policy, the Student Health and Wellness Center is considered an in-network provider and most charges are covered. The Student Health and Wellness Center currently ONLY files the University-endorsed student insurance policy.  If you DO NOT have the University-endorsed student insurance policy, you may ask for an itemized receipt at check-out to file for reimbursement yourself. For more information, you may call the Billing Department at 940-369-8543.

What must I present in order for you to file on the University-endorsed student insurance? 

Students must present a current insurance card and the policyholder's information, including UNT ID number and date of birth.

How and where do I pay? 

Payment in full is expected at the time of service in the form of cash, check, or credit card. All balances must be paid in full prior to the end of the month the charge is incurred to avoid a block on the student's account.


A full-service pharmacy is located inside Chestnut Hall. Prescriptions from private physicians can be filled at the pharmacy, which accepts some insurance. Click here for more information about insurance policies the pharmacy accepts.

Is there a charge for a form to be completed at the Health Center? 

The medical providers at the Student Health and Wellness Center often complete medical related forms for students who are studying abroad, need a physical for a work or volunteer program, or who need documentation for special accommodations.  Typically, a fee of $10 is charged for completing these forms for students.