Filing of Commercial Insurance

The Student Health and Wellness Center has been working toward commercial insurance filing for the last several years.  The Health Center's began accepting insurance on August 14, 2019.

Entering Insurance Information into Patient Portal

We are asking all UNT students to start entering their insurance information into our patient portal at  We have created these directions to help with that process.  Uploading your insurance information will help us expedite determining your benefits and any patient responsibility for expected charges. Students who have insurance plans through carriers with which we are not currently planning to enroll, are still encouraged to enter information so we can determine what other plans and carriers to look at for possible expansion in the future.  If you need assistance with uploading your information to the patient portal or have any insurance questions, please contact (940) 369-5446 or email

Rationale for Filing Commercial Insurance

Several reasons impact this decision:

  • Students and parents have repeatedly requested that the Health Center file directly to other insurance policies beyond the University-endorsed student health insurance plan.
  • The Health Center plans to expand and improve facilities and services but does not want to burden patients with paying more in student fees to cover the costs of these improvements.
  • The Health Center’s current funding model does not allow for the sustainability of current programs and services or future expansion to meet the changing needs of UNT students.

Timeline for Insurance Implementation

Early Spring 2019- The Health Center will begin holding information sessions about the coming insurance changes

Mid-Spring 2019- Encourage students returning for Summer and Fall 2019 semesters to enter their insurance information into the Health Center patient portal at

Fall 2019- Fully contracted and filing commercial insurance with the initial group of insurance carriers

Insurance Carriers in Initial Rollout

Insurance carriers in the initial commercial insurance rollout:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)
  • Cigna
  • United Healthcare (UHC)
  • MultiPlan -Accepted as of 8/14/19

Office Visit Charges for Clinical Appointments

Once the Health Center starts filing commercial insurance on August 14th, the Health Center will have a contractual obligation to charge all patients for office visits, regardless of insurance status.

Routine office visit charges will be $20 each visit or the co-pay amount determined by a patient's insurance plan. The office visit charge/ co-pay may cover additional services, such as in-house labs and x-rays, depending on insurance plan benefits.

Most plans will typically cover annual physicals and gynecological exams (usually referred to as well visits), routine in-house laboratory testing, and x-rays.  Students should refer to their insurance plan benefits for specific coverage and patient costs for these and other services. If you are unsure of your insurance coverage or need additional help, please contact the SHWC at (940) 369-5446.

Other Considerations for Filing Commercial Insurance

Some insurance plans may require lab testing to be sent out to a specific reference lab.  This may result in additional charges sent directly to the patient from the outside laboratory.

The Health Center does not plan to file certain in-house specialty services during the insurance implementation rollout.  Some services, including dietitian consultations, massage therapy, and travel medicine consultations are not typically covered by most health insurance plans.  Discounted laboratory testing, including monthly lab specials and walk-in STD testing package, will not be covered by insurance plans.  Psychiatric services may be covered under general health insurance benefits, depending on the policy, or may be covered under separate non-contracted behavioral or mental health plans. The SHWC will verify all insurance benefits prior to a patient’s appointment and will communicate estimated benefit coverage to the patient. Any non-covered or out-of-pocket costs will be explained before the office visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I do not have health insurance, can I still be seen at the Student Health and Wellness Center?

Students who do not have insurance or those who have out-of-network insurance coverage will be offered discounted prices in order to keep their healthcare costs affordable.  Students with urgent medical needs who cannot pay will not be refused necessary treatment.

If I do not have health insurance, what will I be charged to see a Health Center provider?

The cost for a routine visit for students without insurance coverage will be $20.  If you have questions about a specific type of visit, please call the SHWC at (940) 369-7752.

How do I determine if the Health Center will file on my insurance plan?

The Health Center will file in-network claims with the following providers:  Multiplan and United Healthcare Student Resources (UNT endorsed student insurance policy only)

We are working through the credentialing process for the following carriers: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and United Healthcare

What if my insurance plan is not included in the initial insurance rollout?

Students can still use the services at the Health Center and may be offered discounted rates on services provided.  Students may also request an itemized receipt at check-out for possible reimbursement from their insurance carrier.

How can I determine the cost for a medical visit, lab test, or other services?

The Health Center will verify all insurance benefits prior to a patient’s appointment and will communicate estimated benefit coverage to the patient.  Exact amounts will depend on the insurance plan and the complexity of the patient visit.

What will my medical service fee cover?

The Medical Services Fee is collected from each enrolled student to assist in the operation, maintenance, improvement, and equipment the Student Health and Wellness Center.  This fee provides exclusive service and program access to UNT students.

Who can I talk to with payment concerns?

You can call (940) 565-2333, e-mail, or stop by the 2nd floor of Chestnut Hall.