University of North Texas

Division of Student Affairs

Tuberculosis Screening Requirement for High Risk Students

The University requires all incoming International and Intensive English Language Institute (IELI) students who are considered to be at high risk for tubercular disease, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to be screened for tuberculosis (TB). High risk students must be screened and/or tested for TB within the first three (3) weeks, after the 12th class day, of their first term of study on the UNT campus. To begin the process, review the Tuberculosis Screening Process on our Forms page. Students can download the Tuberculosis Screening Record from Our Forms Page.

Students may provide documentation to Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) verifying that they were tested for TB on a previous date and report the results of his or her TB test. Documentation for the TB test will be accepted only if it is completed in the United States within the six (6) months prior to the first day of the student's first term of study at the University. The documentation must be validated with the signature and stamp/seal of a physician or authorized official and provide clear documentation of the date given and date read.

Any high risk student who fails to meet TB requirements will have a registration block placed on his or her account by UNT International. The student may remain in classes for the first term of study; however, he or she will be unable to register for classes until the TB screening and/or testing process is complete.