We believe every student has the right to feel comfortable and be treated in a respectful and confidential atmosphere. We understand that while many concerns are universal, like relationships, school, work, and dating, everyone is unique and needs personalized healthcare. We encourage open communication between patients and their medical providers.

Health Resources by Topic

  • Choosing a Medical Provider

    It's important to trust your provider so you receive the best care. You can request which provider you see! You can view our Staff page to see pictures and short bios of all our staff to help you make your decision. You also have the right, if for any reason there is a provider you do not wish to see, to request a different provider. 

  • Gender-Inclusive Restrooms

    All restrooms in the SHWC Clinic on the 2nd floor of Chestnut Hall are gender-neutral.

  • Patient Rights and Responsibilities and Confidentiality

    As our patient, you have the right:

    • To be treated with dignity and respect.
    • To privacy and to receive a copy of the Notice of Privacy Practice (NPP) reflecting the clinic privacy policy.
    • To confidentiality of your records.
    • To receive information about your health-related concerns.
    • To know the effectiveness and/or possible adverse effects of treatment and any available alternatives.
    • To participate in choosing a form of treatment.
    • To receive education and counseling.
    • To consent to, or refuse, any care or treatment.
    • To select your health care provider.
    • To health care, regardless of your age, race, gender, religion, disability, national origin, or sexual orientation.
    • To voice grievances regarding your treatment or care.

    You can view the entirety of our Patient Rights and Responsibilities document here.

    You can also view our Notice of Privacy Practices here.

  • Safer Sex

    Our Condom Club program includes options for insertive and external condoms, as well as dental dams and finger cots so our students can be as safe as possible. We also offer Walk-In STD Testing where you don't need an appointment or a doctor's visit to get our standard STI testing package. .

  • Transgender Health

    Cynthia Hermann, MD, is a gynecologist who has worked with our transgender population since her arrival in 2011. She can assist in hormone therapy once it is initiated by your primary physician or hormone specialist. This assistance could include administering hormone injections, monitoring your labs in between visits with your hormone specialist, and following your overall healthcare needs. (Note: The SHWC cannot be designated as your PCP due to health insurance restrictions and regulations.)

    Labs can be drawn at the SHWC with an order from your outside physician, including your initial labs.

    Hormone replacement treatment (HRT) is covered under the United Healthcare Student Resources health insurance.  These prescriptions can be filled at local pharmacies. Depending on the type of HRT prescribed, the cost could fall into Tier 1 ($15), 2 ($40), or 3 (20% coinsurance).

    If you would like more information and resources related to transgender health please visit GLMA's website for patients.

  • Updating Health Records

    If you need to update your name, pronouns, or gender identity, these can be updated via our self-check-in process. You can also request your records be updated by your nurse, provider, or an Administrative staff member.

Transgender Health Resources (updated 11/2022)