Eating Disorder Resources

Think you may be struggling with an eating disorder? The National Eating Disorders Association has several options to determine if you think you may have an eating disorder.

Information for Parents

Being a parent of someone with an eating disorder can be terrifying, especially when your child has gone off to college.  The National Eating Disorders Association has created a useful Parent Toolkit that has information and resources you may find helpful.

Treatment Resources

  • Project Heal offers a Treatment Access Program that can help with obtaining health insurance coverage and provide grants. They also offer treatment resources, recovery support groups, and one-on-one mentorship. 

Local Treatment Options

Below you will find a list of local referral options we are familiar with. It is not a comprehensive list of all care providers in the area or an endorsement of any treatment program or provider. We encourage you to research your options so you are able to make an informed choice regarding which treatment program and/or provider(s) will best suit your needs. We know that a lot of factors contribute to choosing a treatment program or provider(s). If you would like additional assistance with finding a referral, we can assist you. For more information, please call (940) 565-2333.

Body Image and Eating Disorder Treatment Programs in the Dallas Fort Worth area

Dietitians and Therapists Who Treat Body Image and Eating Disorders By County

Finding resources in other areas in Texas or in other states

If you are looking for treatment programs, dietitians, or therapists in other areas throughout Texas or in other states, the following websites provide additional information:

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