UNT Student Health Advisory Committee

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The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) is an advisory board to University Health Services, MHCR, and campus administration that represents the entire student population at the University of North Texas, Denton.

The specific functions of SHAC are to:

  • Create an organized dialogue between students and administration about student health and university health programs and services.
  • Provide program and service advice.
  • Advise UNT's Student Health and Wellness Center regarding student impact.
  • Identify educational/informational needs of students.
  • Address barriers related to seeking care and provide user feedback around accessibility and ease of use.
  • Assess emerging student issues
  • Keep UHS connected to student life and campus.
  • Give campus administrators planning advice given student needs and budget constraints.
  • Assess the perception of UHS services.

SHAC Online Payments

"SHAC has allowed me to work with others to spread awareness about health topics and health resources on campus. One cool thing I've done with SHAC is create a program that brings awareness to drinking and driving. It was really fun to grow the event from an idea and see students enjoy it. SHAC provides this opportunity to any student passionate about any health topic." - 2020 SHAC President

"SHAC has helped me connect with fellow students and I got to know the health concerns of not only members of SHAC but those around campus that have visited our events. SHAC has built in me a sense of responsibility beyond school work. I have created an event called New Beginnings for incoming college students to transition well into college. Also, collaborating with the SHWC has opened my mind to the accessibility of resources on campus and the possibility of healthcare opportunities." - 2020 SHAC Vice President

"I love SHAC because it allows people to independently take on projects and host events, while also allowing them the resources and tools needed to make their event a success. In SHAC, you get connected with so many different people from different areas of study who all share a common goal: wanting to better the health and wellbeing of the student body and promote important student resources. SHAC has connected me with so many lifelong friends who I know will always be there when I need them, even when my time with SHAC comes to an end. Being Project Director in SHAC has also taught me so much about event planning and has greatly sharpened by organization and time management skills. No matter what you study or what your future goals are, I think SHAC has something to offer to everyone and that's why it is such an amazing organization." - 2020 SHAC Project Director

"I like that SHAC allows for students of any major to come and develop a program regarding a health issue they are passionate about. Although I am a business major, I am an advocate for mental health awareness, so I created Hope and Cope in 2019. Being in SHAC for nearly 3 years has helped educate me on how to be a better ally to others and how to understand the impact of health education." - 2020 SHAC Social Chair


To learn more or apply, visit: SHAC Campus Labs


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