SMMC Eagle Support Program

The Eagle Support Program provides emergency funding to students in need. The program is a loan-based program. The program addresses cost of attendance expenses specific to UNT. Only Denton campus students can apply.

Fund Purpose Maximum Level of Consideration


To help students in need to remain enrolled in courses.

$1,000 (Fall/Spring/Summer)


To help student veterans and dependents purchase needed textbooks and course materials at the UNT Official Bookstore.

$500 (Fall/Spring/Summer)


To help students address small, unexpected expenses.

$100 (Fall/Spring/Summer)


To help students remain enrolled. Loan cannot be used for current tuition, on-campus housing, prior balances, or study abroad payments.

$500 (Fall/Spring/Summer)


To help students remain enrolled and progress into the next semester or academic year.

Balance Amount  (Fall/Spring/Summer)


To help juniors or seniors majoring in Accounting or who are pursuing a graduate degree in Accounting at the university. Loan can be used to pay tuition and course materials. Program open only during fall and spring semesters' registration periods.

$1,000 (Fall/Spring)


To help students address out-of-pocket expenses to attend conferences or professional development-related programs and study abroad trips.

$1,500 (Fall/Spring/Summer)

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