Transition Planning Coaching Session

Preparing for life after college!

“I learned what needs to be done right away and some very useful tips in loan repayment options. My session was very helpful.”
- Sylvester, Graduate

Benjamin Franklin once said that by failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail. Unfortunately, many students underestimate the importance of planning for life after college before graduating. 

A Transition Planning Coaching Session will help put you on the right financial path whether after graduation you will be a new professional or attending graduate school. Proactive planning now can facilitate a successful and stress-free journey to financial success.

In this specialized session, our coaches will work with you to create a transition plan that will financially propel you into life after UNT. Your plan will incorporate your financial requirements with your paycheck, as well as new goals for your first year as a college graduate. We can also help you be better prepared to start repaying your student loans when your deferment period ends.

Getting ready to graduate from UNT can be a daunting as it is exciting – make a financial plan with our money coaches so you are ready to step out into the world as a Mean Green Alum!

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