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Schedule an SMMC Coaching Session

Scheduling a money coaching session with the Student Money Management Center is now easier than ever!

Step 01:
Visit our Navigate Scheduling Portal.
•    Visit
•    Click Student Services & Academic Support Programs
•    Click Student Money Management Center
*UNT log-in required*

Step 02:
Schedule an Appointment.
•    Select the BLUE "Schedule An Appointment" Tab.
•    Select "Money Coaching".
•    Select the topic of your choice for your session. Click NEXT. 
*There is a special Class Extra Credit service option.*

Step 03: 
Choose Your Preference.
•    Choose your preference of appointment medium (Phone, Online, In-Person).
•    If any, please choose a preferred Money Coach.

Step 04: 
Select a Date & Time.
Once you have selected a date & time, click NEXT.

Step 05:
Review the Details.
Review the details and confirm your appointment. Please monitor your inbox, you may get additional information regarding your session.