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    About Us - The Student Money Management Center provides financial and money management education to students.
  • Money Kart- Free Rides anywhere on campus. every other friday
    Money Cart - Free rides anywhere anywhere on campus every other Friday.
  • Mean Green Money UNT SMMC Podcast
    Mean Green Money - UNT SMMC Podcast
  • CLUB B.I.G.I. Let's Talk Money. Save $500 by the end of spring semester!
    Club B.I.G.I. - Get Coached. Attend Events. Win Big! Save $500 by the end of the spring semester! Students who join will be entered into a raffle for the chance to win Amazon gift packs.

Let's Talk Money

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Cash Course- Your real life money guide


12 Money Coaches-$2669530.75 Emergency Assistance Support-13,219 Students Served (2018-2019)

7288-Year To Date-Personal Coaching Sessions

124407-Year To Date

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December 2019

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MAR. 2 | Money Mondays
MAR. 6 | Money Kart
MAR. 16 | Money Mondays
MAR. 18 | Homeowner's Trilogy
MAR. 23 | Money Mondays


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