Event Applications

Student organizations must be registered with Student Activities for FALL 2020 PRIOR to submitting an Event Application for any event/meeting that would occur during the FALL 2020 semester.

Fall 2020 events will be virtual until further notice.

Coming soon- there will be a SOLD Workshop assisting officers on how to transition in-person events virtually. A tool to utilize until then is this Virtual Event Planning Guide to navigate the transition.


PLEASE NOTE: The Event Application is located in OrgSync. To access the Event Application, go to the Organization Tool Menu in your organization's portal, and select Events. In the top left corner, click on the blue "+ Create Event" button to get started. Note that you will only be able to see the button if you have been given permissions to the Events tool in your organization's portal.  Organizations must be registered with Student Activities prior  to filling out an application, or it will automatically be denied.

We have created a number of tutorials about the Events tool. If you have any technical difficulties or questions with the Event Application, please contact Student Activities at 940-565-3807. 

The last day to hold an event in the FALL without needing permission from the Dean of Students is December 3.

When is this application needed?

This application is needed whenever a registered student organization desires to host any event (e.g., program, activity, or meeting) on campus. Organizations desiring to have only a table outside should instead submit an Application for Solicitation to Event Planning and Scheduling Services (Union 418).

Event Application Deadline

For some events, the deadline for submission is at least 15 business days prior to the requested event. If the event is seen as potentially risky, which is determined at the discretion of the reserving department, not the organization, the organization will need to submit this application by the 15 business day deadline. While this is not an exhaustive list, generally speaking, if it is outdoors, if there is food or beverage, if there is any type of physical activity, if you are inviting off-campus guests or minors (unless they are UNT students), if expected attendance is over 100 (please see COVID-19 Update above), if the organization is selling tickets or other items, and/or handling hazardous materials, the organization should submit this application at least 15 business days prior to the requested event. If in doubt about whether there is a deadline for your event, it should be submitted at least 15 business days prior to the event.  You may also contact the Event Safety Committee for guidance on the deadline.

Otherwise, student organizations are strongly encouraged to submit this application at least 5 business days prior to the requested event to ensure that: (1) they receive a space they desire, and (2) the reserving department has ample time to book the space. Most departments exist to do more than book space on campus, meaning that doing so is only one part of their mission. As such, please do not submit an application the day of or the day before a requested event and expect that the space is available and/or that the department has time to make the reservation.

Event Application Process

Please read the following important information regarding event application requests:

  1. Ensure that your student organization is currently registered with Student Activities, as only registered student organizations are allowed to host events on campus. Contact Student Activities at 940-565-3807 or student.activities@unt.edu for guidance.
  2. Access the Application on OrgSync (assuming you have been given appropriate portal permissions), complete all fields of the Event Application, and submit it online by the deadline.
  3. Upon submission, the Event Application will be sent via email to the Organization's President and UNT Faculty/Staff Advisor. Both must review and approve (even if the submitter is the President) before the Application can be reviewed electronically by the next department.
  4. If the event falls during pre-finals or finals week, the Event Application will be sent electronically to the Dean of Students, as per UNT Policy 06.031. In this instance, the Dean of Students must review and approve before the form can be reviewed electronically by the next department.
  5. If the event is planned by a(n) chapter/organization affiliated with the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life, the Event Application will be sent to Greek Life for electronic review. In this instance, Greek Life must review and approve before the form can be reviewed electronically by the next department.
  6. Once the above approvals have been secured, the Event Application will be reviewed electronically by the reserving department. The reserving department may contact the listed event contact to discuss event details. This may be done via phone or in person, at the discretion of the reserving department.
  7. If the requested space is available, you will receive a confirmation of the reservation. If at any time the organization does not fulfill any requirements stated by the reserving entity or other campus department, the reservation and event may be canceled by the reserving department.
  8. The organization may be required to attend an Event Safety Committee meeting (see "Event Safety Committee" below) prior to the event. If at any time the organization does not fulfill any requirements stated by the Event Safety Committee, the reservation and event may be canceled by the reserving department.
  9. The event occurs. No follow-up is necessary unless an issue of safety or responsibility arises (see "Event Evaluations" below).

Event Contacts

If the event contact person does not hear from the reserving department within 72 business hours of Event Application submission AND it is  known that both the Organization's President and UNT Faculty/Staff Advisor have approved, then please contact:

  • For Auditorium, Union, most outdoor space (including the Library Mall/Onstead Promenade), and space not listed below: Event Planning and Scheduling Services (Union 418, UniversityUnion.SchedulingOffice@unt.edu, or 940-565-3804)
  • For classroom space: Student Activities (Union 345, student.activities@unt.edu, or 940-565-3807)
  • For Housing space (including Crumley Park, and Clark Park): Housing (Crumley 136, eric.johnson@unt.edu, or 940-565-2763)
  • For the Rec Center, fields, PEB, and Bahnsen Gym space: Rec Sports (Rec Center 103, recres@unt.edu, or 940-565-2275)
  • For the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life, Fraternity Row, or Sorority Row/Courtyard space: Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life (Greek Life Center, faith.espindola@unt.edu, or 940-369-8463)
  • For the Environmental Building (EESAT) Atrium: Events Coordinator (Env 164, brian.wheeler@unt.edu, 940-565-4912)
  • For Coliseum and Gateway Center space: Coliseum (Coliseum 111, courtney.burke@unt.edu, 940-565-2557)
  • For Apogee Stadium space: Athletics (bryan.spraggins@unt.edu)

Event Safety Committee (ESC)

The purpose of the Event Safety Committee is to ensure that all student organization events with possible risks associated are executed in the safest way possible, to assure the safety of organization members and their guests. Upon request, the student organization may be required to attend an Event Safety Committee (ESC) meeting to discuss risk management for the event. These meetings help organizations identify and mitigate risk and decrease the chances of injury, damage, and liability. If the reserving department deems that any activities and/or elements involved with the event may increase the organization’s or University’s liability or pose a hazard to people or property, the organization will be asked to attend an Event Safety Committee meeting.

  1. The event may be referred by the reserving department to the ESC for planning. The ESC representative (not the reserving department) will get in touch with the event contact to inform them of the date and location of the meeting, which is mandatory.
  2. The event contact person and organization president, at minimum, should review the Event Safety Guidelines prior to the meeting.
  3. In the meeting, the ESC will determine stipulations with which the organization will need to comply in order to hold the event. As a result of stipulations, additional costs (e.g., security, insurance, etc.) may be incurred. Please note that an ESC representative may attend the event to ensure all stipulations are being followed to the best of the organization’s ability. A record of non-compliance will inhibit your organization’s ability to schedule future events on campus.
  4. While rare, the ESC may decide to deny permission to conduct an event. That decision will be based on the conclusion, after discussion with the organization’s event planners, that there is no feasible way to reduce the perceived risks associated with the event. If differences between the organization and the ESC cannot be reconciled, the decision may be appealed to the Vice President of Student Affairs.
  5. Organizations and individuals found violating this policy (Facilities Use Coordination), along with other policies and procedures of the University, shall be referred to the Dean of Students for possible conduct sanctioning.

Regardless of the requirement of attending the Event Safety Committee meeting, all organizations are encouraged to review the Event Safety Guidelines to help officers think about different risk issues related to the event.

Event Safety Committee

Event Evaluations

At the request of the ESC or organization, a meeting of the individuals and/or departments and organization(s) involved in the event shall be held to discuss their observations regarding the event. The ESC will compile and disseminate the final event evaluation to the departments and individuals/organization(s) involved.

Classroom Space

Room assignments are subject to change based upon availability. If the room or building requested is not available, Student Activities will book the closest available location that will accommodate the size of the event. Classrooms should be left in a neat and organized fashion, and organizations will be held responsible for damages occurring during the use of the facility. If Student Activities receives any complaint regarding noise, trash, or disorganization within the classroom, the reservation will be canceled and the organization may be ineligible to make future reservations. The incident may also be submitted to the Dean of Students for conduct review.

Outdoor Resources

  • For gas-powered generators, tables, chairs, additional trash cans or trash pickup-removal, complete a Facilities Work Order here or contact Facilities at (940) 565-2700.
  • If you plan to bring heavy equipment, vehicles, tents on campus, or require adjustments to start/stop sprinkler schedules, please contact Grounds Maintenance at (940) 369-7318.
  • For the UNT Stage Trailer or the UNT Beverage Trailer, contact Event Planning and Scheduling Services at (940) 565-3804.
  • Food and Beverage Policy Information
    • Free dispensing or sale of food and beverages (prepared or pre-packaged) is prohibited without prior approval. For spaces that Event Planning and Scheduling Services reserves, approval will need to be granted from that office.
    • No food or drink can be sold.
    • By contract, only Coca-Cola products can be given away (e.g., DASANI water, Sprite).
    • Any other food item that is not pre-packaged (e.g., pizza) can be given away under the following guidelines:
      • All items that are not pre-packaged should be purchased through Dining Services.
      • All food items that are not pre-packaged and not available through Dining Services must be pre-approved by Risk Management.
  • For information on booking additional support services, portable sound systems and technical engineers, contact Event Planning & Scheduling Services at (940) 565-3804.

Food and Drink at Organization Meetings and Events

If you are serving food from a vendor other than UNT Dining Services, a copy of the vendor's current health permit needs to be on file with Risk Management Services. You will be contacted if one is needed. Approval or denial of food and drink at meetings or events will be given via the Event Application. 

Related Policies

While not an exhaustive list, these are the most common UNT policies related to events. If an organization wishes to conduct certain activities (e.g., sell items or bring food) related to the event, the organization may be required to complete additional forms.

Failure to follow any UNT policy may be referred to the Dean of Students for possible conduct sanctioning. As such, representatives should review and understand their responsibilities. All may be found at http://policy.unt.edu.

Solicitation Policy. Information regarding solicitation on campus, which includes sales, recruitment, placing of signs and posters, and other activities that may benefit an individual or group.

Use of Alcoholic Beverages. Information regarding the existence of alcohol on campus, including guidelines for student organizations desiring to sell, serve, or consume alcohol on campus.

Facilities Use Coordination. Information related to policies, charges, Event Safety Committee, and facility use at UNT.

Pre-Final Week and Final Examinations. Information regarding events and meetings during “dead” or finals weeks.

Prohibition of Camping on University Property. Information about overnight events on campus.

Free Speech and Public Assembly on Campus Grounds. Information about policies that apply to all outdoor activities and events (e.g., sound amplification, outdoor structures or exhibits).


For more information about the Event Application process, please contact Student Activities in Union 345, or at 940-565-3807, or student.activities@unt.edu.

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