As of August 1, the University has returned to having no COVID-19 related program restrictions. Previous conditions for holding in-person events, including required COVID-19 testing, no longer apply. While events no longer need to be reviewed by COVID-19 related committees, just like in pre-COVID times, any event deemed potentially risky will be reviewed by the Event Safety CommitteeDue to the fluidity of the situation, this information can change at any time when there are concerns of public safety.

While there are no required restrictions, student orgs are encouraged to take reasonable precautions and steps to keep org and community members safe. For example, student orgs can:

  • Encourage the use of masks and social distancing at their events and meetings.
  • Encourage in-person attendees to perform a COVID-19 self-assessment (via the self-monitoring form) prior to arrival and ask those who show symptoms or don’t feel well to stay home.
  • Take attendance (arrival time, full name, EUID, phone number, and departure time only) at the program and keep the records for at least 4 weeks, which could help with contact tracing, if needed. 

When possible, student orgs should provide a virtual or other in-person participation option to accommodate, for example, prospective attendees who have pre-existing health conditions and/or are immunocompromised. If a student requests any type of accommodation for a program on campus, student orgs may contact Student Activities for assistance.

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