Organization Recruitment and Marketing

Recruitment & Marketing

Recruitment is a year-round process and can benefit a student org in multiple ways. Recruiting new members provides opportunities to bring energy to your organization and strengthen your existing community. Not only will recruiting new members to increase your attendance at events, but it also will help sustain your organization when it’s time to transition to new leaders. A great way to execute a great recruitment plan is through marketing. Check out this article by Canva, a graphic design website, that shares great tips and tricks on marketing your student organization- .


Recruiting New Members and Student Org Tabling.


What is tabling? Tabling is a great way to promote your org. It can help you raise awareness and garner support for an issue, advertise for events, and recruit new members. Looking for materials? Check out this pamphlet from Design Works.

Involvement Fairs

Registered student organizations will have the opportunity to table at Involvement Fairs throughout the semester free of charge. 

  • Spring dates will be shared soon.

Residence Halls

Registered organizations are allowed to table inside of Residence Halls with the permission from Community Director for that hall. The organization would need to double-check with the Community Director to see if the space can provide a table, if not they must bring their own. If the organization would like to table outside of the Residence Hall they would need to submit a Solicitation Permit with Conference and Event Services (Union Scheduling) and bring their own table. The Union will not provide tables for organizations outside of the Union tabling.


Registered organizations can sign up to table around or inside the Union using this site:

Tabling Materials  For fun giveaways to attract people to your table, consider ordering supplies from Design Works and Printing and Distribution Services. 

Mean Green Fling & Mean Green Spring Fling

Excellent opportunities to kick off the new year and semester by creating meaningful connections with multiple student organizations and departments on campus. These large events are typically held in August and January.

Table at Discovery Park 1.    Be a recognized UNT student organization
2.    Complete tabling request form a week in advance found at website 
3.    Once submitted you will receive an email containing acknowledgment of your reservation request and a request to fill out the Center for Student Affairs Solicitation form
4.    Solicitation form must be completed, signed, and returned to 
5.    A decision will be made once the tabling request and solicitation form are evaluated
6.    You will receive an email containing a confirmation letter and complete solicitation application which must be present with you when you table. If denied, you’ll receive a notice via email. 
7.    Come to the Center for Student Affairs at Discovery Park (Suite G140) to check in and we will place the table you have requested at the location requested

Solicitation, Postings, and Flyers Policy-

Residence Halls- must present the materials to Central Housing for approval (UNT Welcome Center)

Recreation Center- Must receive approval by emailing

Eagle Mail Registered Org Presidents with approved Event Applications that follow the criteria and guidelines can email through the official email system for all UNT students via the Eagle Mail Request.
































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