Current Organization Registration

Priority registration for Spring 2021 begins December 14th and closes January 24th. After this date, org statuses will be made "Frozen" (unless they were already frozen from Fall 2020) in OrgSync, meaning only officers/advisors will have access to their portal. They will no longer show on the public organization database on OrgSync or be viewable to members until registration is complete.

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Spring 2021 Registration

For organizations that have registered with Student Activities within the last two long semesters (Spring 2020 or Fall 2020), registration consists of two pieces, which may be completed in any order:

  • The President or Primary Contact (as designated in the organization's OrgSync portal roster; the Primary Contact should be a student) must submit their organization's profile by clicking the blue "Re-Register" button on the organization's portal in OrgSync. Step-by-step instructions for completing the profile are available. We strongly encourage you to have the instructions pulled up while you navigate through completing the profile steps in OrgSync. Note: Don't have access to the profile? You may not be listed as an officer or have the permissions in OrgSync to access it. If you are not listed as the President or Primary Contact for the organization you're trying to register, please follow the directions for step #1 in "Preparing for Registration" below. 
    • Items needed to prepare for submitting an organization's profile:
      1. Active membership count (minimum 8 UNT students)
      2. Advisor's information (full name, department, UNT email, and phone number)
      3. Each officer's information (first and last name, EUID, Position Title, and Preferred Email)
      4. Constitution with all required clauses verbatim (see Sample Constitution for required causes; note that this is a template and that orgs are encouraged to cater their Constitution to what they deem fit)
  • An officer must attend Student Organization OrientationAll student orgs must send at least one officer to orientation once per school year in order to register. For Sport Clubs or student orgs affiliated with the Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life, either the President and/or Risk Management Officer must attend. If an officer attended in Fall 2020, one does not have to attend in Spring 2021. However, if you have new officers for Spring, it is strongly encouraged that one attend. Dates and times are posted on our website linked on the image below. 


The organization is not considered registered for the semester until the person who submits the organization's profile in OrgSync receives an email from "UNT Student Activities OrgSync" with the subject "Your registration request for {Organization Name} has been approved!"

Preparing For Registration 

Check out Get Ready for Spring 2021 Registration to see how your org can prepare in advance, ensuring a smoother process once the Spring registration period opens and you are ready to submit the organization's profile in OrgSync.