Current Organization Registration

For student organizations that have been previously approved and that registered with Student Activities in the Spring 2020 and/or Fall 2019 semester. Priority registration for Fall 2020 runs until September 4th. After this date, org statuses will be made "Frozen" meaning they will no longer show on the org database or viewable to members until registration is complete.

Don’t procrastinate on registering! If your organization registers before school starts (August 24th) or before the priority date (September 4th), you will be entered to win one of two $100 co-sponsorships!

Fall 2020 Registration

For organizations that have registered with Student Activities within the last two long semesters, registration consists of two pieces, which may be completed in any order:

  • The President or Primary Contact (as designated in the organization's OrgSync portal roster. (Please note that a PC should be a student and not an advisor.)) must submit their organization's profile by clicking the blue "Re-Register" button on the organization's portal in OrgSync. Step-by-step instructions for completing the profile are available. We strongly encourage you to have the instructions pulled up while you navigate through completing the profile steps in OrgSync. Note: If you are not listed as the President or Primary Contact for the organization you're trying to register, please follow the directions for step #1 in "Preparing for Registration" above. 
    • Items needed to prepare for submitting an organization's registration-
      1. Active membership count
      2. Add officers correctly to the organization's roster
      3. Have advisor's information (full name, department, UNT email, and phone number)
      4. Have officer's information (first and last name, EUID, Position Title, and Preferred Email)
      5. Constitution with all required clauses verbatim- Here is a Sample Constitution that outlines all the necessary clauses. Not that this is a template, we encourage orgs to cater their Constitution to what they deem fit.
  • An officer will be required to attend Student Organization Orientation


The organization is not considered registered for the semester until the person who submits the organization's profile in OrgSync receives an email from "UNT Student Activities OrgSync" with the subject "Your registration request for {OrganizationName} has been approved!"

Preparing For Registration 

Student organizations are encouraged to prepare in advance to ensure a smoother process once the semester's registration period opens. 

1. Make sure that, minimally, the Primary Contact and President are updated/correct on your organization’s OrgSync Roster ASAP so that we contact the correct person about Fall registration. If officer positions have changed in the last few months, you’ll likely need to update the Roster.

Only the people currently marked as Primary Contact and President can update the roster.

How to update the roster:

    1. Log into OrgSync here.
    2. On the Home page, type in your org name in the search bar under “Explore University of North Texas.”
    3. Once on your org’s public page, click on the “Manage Organization” button in the top right corner to access your org’s portal.

                       Note: If you don’t see that button, you do not have access to update the Roster. Have the currently marked Primary Contact or President complete these steps.

    1. Once in your org’s portal, click on the 3 horizontal gray bars on the top left corner.
    2. Click on Roster.
    3. Once in the Roster, update the Primary Contact and President, if necessary.
      1. Update the Primary Contact at the top left by clicking the pencil icon and selecting the new Primary Contact.
      2. Update the President under “Manage Roster” by finding the new President’s name and clicking on the pencil icon to the right and changing their position to President.
      3. If you add a new President, you’ll likely need to remove the previous President by finding their name under “Manage Roster” and clicking on the pencil icon to the right and changing their position.
      4. Note: If your new Primary Contact or President does not show up in the list of names, they will need to be added to the Roster. To do that:
        1. In the top right corner of your Roster page, click on the blue “Invite People” button.
        2. Insert the university email addresses of the new Primary Contact and/or President. The university email address connected to the person you want to add is one of two addresses. It would be easier to add both addresses in the text field to ensure you capture the correct one. Let’s use the name “Scrappy A. Eagle,” who’s EUID is sae1234, as an example. Use these two email formats to add Scrappy to the Roster: (so AND (so Please verify the person’s EUID and address with them before you insert
        3. Click “Add E-Mail Addresses.”
        4. Click on the drop-down box next to “Invite as” and select “Member.” You can select “President/Chief Officer” if the person you’re inviting is the new President.
        5. Click “Send Invitations.”
        6. Reach out to the person you added and tell them to go to their email. Because you input two differently formatted emails for them ( and, they should have received two emails; tell them to open one and click on the “Manage Invitations” button. If the first one they try says they have no pending invitations, have them try the other email. One of the two emails will work and add them to the Roster.
        7. Once they appear on the Roster, then you can follow the instructions under step f. (1. and 2.) above to add them as Primary Contact and/or President.

2. Start collecting information for your OrgSync profile, which will be available for an officer (preferably the President) to submit when Registration begins on Monday, August 10th for the Fall 2020 semester. You’ll need (a) the number of active members; (b) UNT advisor name, department, phone, and email; (c) the names, titles, EUID’s, and preferred email addresses of ALL officers. 



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