New Student Org Approval

Are you interested in forming a new organization or bringing back a dissolved* one? Student Activities registers around 450 organizations annually and looks forward to adding more in order to diversify involvement opportunities for UNT students! 

Both new and returning dissolved student organizations must follow the New Student Organization Approval process in order to be approved to register with Student Activities and receive the privileges of registration. If you are unsure whether a student organization has been previously registered, contact us to find out.

*A dissolved student organization is a previously approved one that went at least one academic year without registering with Student Activities (in this case Fall 2021 and Spring 2022). 

2022-2023 New Student Org Approval

The approval process for new or returning dissolved organizations consists of two parts, completed in this order: 

  1. Submit the New Student Organization Approval Request form (available September 12th, 2022). Via this form, you will provide important information about the organization to Student Activities.  
  2. Meet with Student Activities. After you submit the Approval Request form, a staff member will reach out to you via email to set up a meeting to discuss further. The goal is to reach out within 5-10 business days. 

This process consists of ensuring that the organization meets all criteria in the Student Organization Policy prior to being allowed to register with Student Activities.  

Please note that completing these two parts does not guarantee that an organization will be approved to be registered, and that the full approval process will take at least 3 weeks (possibly longer depending on Student Activities’ workload and the student organization contact’s response rate). 

In addition to the form and meeting, the organization advisor will be required to complete additional information and/or training if they are not on record with Student Activities as having served as a student organization advisor at UNT before. This will be required prior to being approved for registration. 

If approved, the organization will then be eligible to register for 2022-2023. More information about completing registration can be found on the Returning Organization Registration page.

The final day to submit an Approval Request (part 1 above) is March 2023, exact date TBD. 

Preparing for Approval 

Are you interested in starting a new organization or bringing back a dissolved organization? You will need:

  • At least 8 currently enrolled UNT student members (must have names and EUIDs). Exceptions to membership numbers may exist for organizations based out of UNT Frisco, advised by the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life, or affiliated with a national governing body. Please review the Student Organization Policy for more information on exceptions.
  • A mission/purpose statement that is unique from current student organizations.
  • Create your organization’s constitution with required clauses verbatim; the Sample Constitution indicates the required clauses in red text.
  • At least 2 officers (which may be part of the 8 members), including a President/Primary Officer.
  • An organization advisor (name, email, and department) who is a full-time UNT faculty or staff member, is older than 21 years of age, and not pursuing an undergraduate degree at UNT.

New Student Org Info Sessions

Want more information about how to start a new student org or maintain it once approved to register? Please watch our video. Note that this session is not the same as Student Org Orientation, which will be required upon completion of the approval process, to register the student org.  

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