New Org Approval and Registration

For newly forming organizations seeking initial approval, as well as dissolved organizations. Dissolved organizations (those that fail to register for two consecutive long semesters) will be treated as if they are newly forming and should follow the process below.

Are you interested in starting a new organization at UNT? You will need:

  • At least 8 currently enrolled UNT student members
  • At least 2 officers (which may be part of the 8 members)
  • A mission/purpose statement of the organization
  • A constitution/bylaws (see the sample template which highlights mandatory clauses org constitutions must include verbatim)
  • A full-time UNT faculty or staff member to serve as the organization’s advisor

For Fall 2020, Student Activities will accept applications for new organizations from September 7th until November 6th. After November 6th, applicants will have to wait until the Spring 2021 new organization application period. 

NEW FOR FALL 2020: Student Activities will host optional Information Sessions for students interested in forming new student organizations, to help walk them through the process. This is not the same as Student Organization Orientation, which is mandatory. Please check back for dates and times. 

Have what you need to form a new organization? Approval and registration for new organization consists of three pieces. The first two pieces may be completed in any order. 

  • Once applications open for the semester, submit the new organization's profile application in OrgSync. To do this:
    • On the community homepage in OrgSync, select "Organizations," which will bring you into the directory of organizations that are registered at UNT. Next, click the "Register an Organization" button and select the blue "Register a New Organization" button.
    • Follow the instructions for each step of the profile, including adding member, officer, and advisor information and the constitution/bylaws.
  • Have an officer attend Student Organization Orientation.


  • Meet with the Coordinator of Student Organizations or Graduate Assistant. You will receive an invitation via email after your profile application is submitted.

After you complete the above pieces, your organization will be reviewed and determined if it will gain approval and registration for the current semester. For information about the reasons that a new organization might not be approved, see the Student Organization Policy

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