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Hello New UNT Students!

The University of North Texas has partnered with Campus Outreach Online to address critical life skills dealing with alcohol and drug abuse prevention. As part of our comprehensive prevention efforts for new students, University of North Texas expects each new student to complete ThinkDrink. This online course is for adults committed to thinking about his/her life choices. Please read below on how to access courses.

ThinkDrink designed by Campus Outreach Services, strives to impact the minds and hearts of critical audiences on hot-button issues, a step further. Students are challenged to engage in typical young-adult experiences and explore diverse pathways to poor versus beneficial outcomes. Make the ideals of safety, respect, and responsibility a reality in your community using the latest breakthrough in online learning.

ThinkDrink Access

  • An email will be sent to students from Think with the course link and temporary password
  • The link is http://think1st.org/login
  • Login using your UNT email and the temporary password in the Think email.
  • If you need a new password, please email HealthyDecisionsUNT@unt.edu, to have your password reset and a new temporary password will be sent by Think
  • Think is not located on the MyUNT portal

If you have questions regarding either course, please email HealthyDecisionsUNT@unt.edu or call 940.565.2648.

ThinkDrink (PDF)