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Contact the UNT Survivor Advocate by email at SurvivorAdvocate@unt.edu or by phone at 940-565-2648. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call the police at 911 or the Denton County Friends of the Family 24-hour crisis line at 940-382-7273.

The UNT Survivor Advocate exists to support students who have been impacted by sexual or relational violence, trauma, or harassment, and connects students to resources (counseling, health, safety, academics, legal, and more). The Survivor Advocate can assist a students with filing protective orders, completing crime victim’s compensation applications, contacting professors for incident-related absences, working with housing to facilitate a room change (if needed), and connecting students to the many other resources that are available, both on and off-campus. They are here to help and advocate on students’ behalf. For more information about these resources, view the Know More Book.

Privacy Notice

The Survivor Advocate is considered a Campus Security Authority and adheres to the Clery Act for reporting crimes that occur on campus. As such, if a student shares any of the following information, it may need to be reported to the UNT Title IX Coordinator or to other authorities. Situations that may require additional reporting obligations include those where:

  • An involved party is affiliated with UNT (student, staff or faculty) and is violating Title IX (including sexual violence, intimate partner violence, harassment, or stalking), and the identity of that person is disclosed
  • An individual expresses thoughts of harm to self or others
  • There is suspected child abuse

In compliance with the Clery Act, the Dean of Students notifies the UNT Police Department of crimes reported to our office. The reports do not include the name of survivors or perpetrators, but the survivor can choose to be contacted by the police for further support and follow-up. The information we report includes:

  • The type of crime
  • The date
  • The time of the crime
  • Location of the crime (For example: on campus, in a residential building, a classroom building parking lot) Contact the Survivor Advocate through email at SurvivorAdvocate@unt.edu or by calling the Dean of Students Office at 940-565-2648. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911 or the Denton County Friends of the Family 24-hour Crisis Line at 940-382-7273.

You are not alone.

You are never to blame.

We are here to help.

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