December 2016 DSA Newsletter

Thu, 12/08/2016 - 10:30 | Written for: Division of Student Affairs

Message from Dr. With

Dear Division of Student Affairs Team

I want to thank you all for your efforts, enthusiasm, and the variety of services and programs offered to our community on behalf of the Division of Student Affairs this semester. With the tremendous amount of work that has been done to meet our growing student population (and their growing needs), I know many of you are feeling a great sense of accomplishment and relief as we approach the end of the semester. I hope you are as proud as I am. Below are just a few of the reasons I am proud of us:

Fall 2016

  • First Flight - August
  • Founder’s Day - September
  • Kick off Breakfast – September
  • Health Expo – September
  • Family Weekend – September/October
  • Career Fairs – September through November
  • Oktoberfest – October
  • Distinguished Lecture Series – Bernstein & PJ O’ Rourke - October
  • Homecoming - November
  • Future Eagles (hosted 1,000 Denton ISD 6th Graders) – November
  • Diversity Town Hall – November
  • Suit Up - November
  • Football Tailgating Events
  • Holiday Party – December
  • Union Tree Lighting Ceremony - December
  • Integration of DSA programs at Frisco Campus
  • Planning for a new 500 bed residence hall and free standing dining facility
  • Registered over 400 student organizations
  • Response and support to numerous students in crisis
  • Development of QEP activities

Clearly, all of you have worked hard and I appreciate your dedication and commitment to our students, and to each other. It is this collegiality that makes UNT such a special place. We are a place that represents a sense of hope and optimism about the future and one that champions the transformative power of education as an essential component of democracy. We all play a leadership role in helping students navigate their way through our ever-changing society and ensuring they appreciate the diversity of others, just as we do. Our Diversity Town Hall, Student Support Taskforce, and inclusive programs support our continued development as well as our students.

It is my sincere hope that you utilize the winter break as a time to relax, enjoy your families, and re-energize. I am confident the spring semester will keep us busy!

Wishing you the merriest of holidays!

Elizabeth With, Ed.D.

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Spirit Groups and Scrappy Move to Student Activities

The spirit program (i.e., Cheer, Dance, and Scrappy) will be transitioning from Athletics to Student Activities within the next month or so (exact date TBD). As such, we are trying to get a grasp on the quantity of Division requests through the rest of the school year. If you have historically requested Scrappy, Cheer, and/or Dance to be at an event (e.g., orientation, University Day), please submit that request ASAP to OrgSync. We are currently soliciting December through May events. You can always submit new requests at a later date, but if you know you always have, for example, Scrappy at an event, please submit it now. If you've already submitted a specific request on the Athletics webpage, there is no need to submit again. Please note that there may be a charge involved for Scrappy appearances (as adopted by Athletics starting 9/1/16). 

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Homecoming 2016

Thank you, once again, for participating in our 2016 Homecoming Eaglempics! Homecoming has made a huge impact not only at our university, but the community.

During Homecoming, students donated more than 19,000 pounds of canned goods to the Denton Community Food Center. During our Stop Hunger Now event, students put together 20,000 meals for those living in impoverished conditions in Haiti. Finally, our first ever Homecoming Blood Drive generated 65 units of blood which will save 195+ lives in the Denton community!

Here at home, we had more student organizations and departments participate in Homecoming activities than ever before. From volunteering to our department decorating contest, there was Mean Green Spirit everywhere.

We hope you enjoyed Homecoming 2016, we look forward to seeing you again in 2017! GO MEAN GREEN!

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Green Dot Bystander Training

The Dean of Students is excited to announce the implementation of the Green Dot Bystander Training program on our campus! Green Dot is an organization built on the premise that we can measurably and systematically reduce violence within any given community. In instances of harmful or violent words, actions, or behaviors, each person has a choice to ignore & accept it (a red dot) or intervene & address it (a green dot). Green Dot’s goal is to prepare communities to implement a strategy of violence prevention that reduces power-based personal violence, which includes sexual violence, relationship violence, stalking, and bullying. We will build a community equipped to intervene on a red dot incident to create a map full of green dots.

You can find more information about this program at If you are interested in hosting a Green Dot program in the spring semester, please contact Renee McNamara at

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Call for Volunteers

Study BREAKfast, late night breakfast on Monday, Dec. 12

This year, we are working to re-energize our late night breakfast to plan a more traditional meal that focuses on studying and building community during finals week. On Monday, December 12 from 9 - 11 pm in the University Union, a pancake breakfast will be served.

If you’re available to volunteer at the breakfast, even if it’s just for a portion of the time, please sign up on OrgSync.  We will need help with passing out breakfast items, picking up trash and assisting with line control throughout the event.

Questions? Contact Molly Orr.

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Student Government Association Fall Events

SGA has been hard at work the past few weeks, putting on events with the help of the Freshman Interns. Their first event, “Shirts to Sacks” was an initiative aimed to reduce the use of plastic bags by creating reusable bags from old t-shirts. The event was a huge success with an estimated 200+ bags made from recycled t-shirts. Huge thank you to all the departments that were generous enough to donate t-shirts! Following Shirts to Sacks, was “UNT is _____.” an event aimed to highlight how students across campus make UNT unique. Students were able to sign a mural, take photos in a photo booth, and grab some free popcorn.

With the end of the Fall Semester quickly approaching, SGA would like to wish everyone a happy and safe winter break!

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2017 Mean Green Spring Fling - Department Table Sign Up

Join us at the second annual Mean Green Spring Fling! Mean Green Spring Fling is the involvement fair that kicks off the Spring semester and a great opportunity to advertise your services to hundreds of UNT Students. This event will be held on January 18, 2017, from 6:00-8:00pm in the University Union. Tabling sign ups for departments are now open on OrgSync. For more information about this event visit or contact Student Activities at 940-565-3807 or

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We Mean Green. We Recycle.

Tailgate recycling at UNT had a winning season by collecting over 230 lbs of recyclables over 3 games!  A student-led proposal to the We Mean Green Fund improved recycling by changing it from a passive activity and turning it into an engaging competition. The student-run Tailgate Recycling tent had music, pizza, and T-shirts.  It also provided education about recycling and encouraged tailgaters to register their tailgate in a competition to win a catered tailgate and a trophy if they recycled the most.  There were many strong competitors, but in the end, Phi Kappa Sigma claimed the title of Tailgate Recycling Champion and the prizes.  Be sure to register your tailgate next year and become the next Tailgate Recycling Champion!

The We Mean Green Fund allows any student, faculty, or staff member to propose ways to be more environmentally friendly at UNT.  If you have an idea to make our campus even greener, email Gary Cocke.  

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Recreation Sports News

December Events
We’re not done yet! We still have plenty of things happening at the Rec Center through December.

  • 12/05: Spring 2017 memberships go on sale
  • 12/08: Vertical Happy Hour at the Climbing Wall (FREE!) followed immediately by Moonlight Yoga (FREE!)
  • 12/11: All Group Exercise classes are FREE through 12/23

Spring Memberships
Spring memberships will be available for purchase Monday, December 5! Interested to see what we have going on this spring? Check out our Spring 2017 Brochure available now in the Rec Center, or on our homepage (in the yellow box) here.

Being a member of the Rec Center gives you access to our weight room, indoor track, pool and hot tub, basketball and indoor soccer courts, and a host of free events throughout the semester. As a member you can also register for any of our special fitness programs, group exercise classes, or indoor climbing (with Family Climb offered every weekend). We also have lockers and a towel service to help make working out even easier for you.
Visit our website, stop by the Member Services Desk in the Rec Center, or call 940-565-2275 for more information.

Dates to Remember:

  • 12/18: Rec Center begins Reduced Hours
  • 12/23: Rec Center closes at 2pm
  • 12/24: Rec Center closed through January 1
  • 01/02: Rec Center opens Reduced Hours
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A Beginner's Guide to EMV and Credit Card Security

An AITS tip from Jason McMullen.

Greetings! In an ongoing effort to reduce fraud and protect consumers and businesses,three major credit card entities (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) came together to standardize a new technology: EMV. Cleverly, they chose to use their initials to name the biggest change to the credit card industry in decades.

Simply put, an EMV credit or debit card is a specially designed card with a small silver microprocessor chip embedded on its surface. These cards are designed to be inserted into a card reader rather than swiped. Information encoded on the EMV chip provides an additional barrier against counterfeiting.

While Europe was quick to adapt to the change, it has taken EMV twenty years to become commonplace in the United States.

EMV cards were originally read much more slowly than the traditional magnetic stripe cards. However, the transaction times have been improving and that should lead to more companies adopting the technology in the near future.

Why EMV and Why Now?

Most reading this article have EMV chip cards that have replaced their regular credit/debit cards. However, not all payment locations currently read chip authentication. By the end of 2017, all card readers will need to read chip cards or the companies themselves will be responsible for any fraud that would have been prevented by a chip.

How Does EMV Help? What Are the Limits of EMV

The Good:

EMV helps in two primary ways: The chip stores an authentication key that proves that the card is valid. The chip also provides a one-time transaction number each time it is used. This transaction number prevents a criminal from obtaining a card number in a breech (for example) and printing a fraudulent card.

The Not-so-Good

New EMV cards issued to customers in the United States are ‘Chip and Signature’ cards versus ‘Chip and PIN’. With the signature option, criminals are already searching for weaknesses in the transaction number scheme. If/when this is cracked, fraud could still happen because signatures are not typically verified. Once a PIN is required, a criminal would need to know the transaction number scheme and your PIN.

EMV doesn’t offer any protection when using the card to make purchases online or through a mobile app. Because of this, industry trend watchers expect online fraud to rise as it becomes more difficult to defraud brick-and-mortar locations.

What’s Better? What’s Next?

Unfortunately for us, EMV is not a true security technology. EMV is instead an anti-fraud and authentication technology. Chip cards still carry the unencrypted primary account number (PAN). And EMV doesn’t protect credit card data that is stored on remote servers.

There are two additional technologies that will further protect banks and consumers from cybercriminals: Tokenization and Encryption

Tokens replace the actual PANs with a substitute value that is unique to that transaction (unlike EMV that uses a unique number just for authorization). The actual PANs are stored securely elsewhere and if the tokens are stolen during a breech, they can’t be used.

Encryption scrambles the card information in a way that can only be decrypted with a key. Encryption happens at the moment the card is read and is not decrypted until it is processed. This prevents the PAN from being intercepted in transit over the Internet.

So what is best? The best is all of the above! As is usually the case, IT security is most effective when stacked in layers.

Happy shopping everyone!

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