Justin Persick

Position Title: 

Educational Background:
B.S. in Criminal Justice from UNT ’16 and M. Ed. in Higher Education from UNT ‘18

Why did you decide to work for TRIO?:
I wanted to be able to serve students in a way that I was not provided. I love watching students grow and progress through their time while at university. Being able to be a mentor/adviser/role model bring me such joy and I love seeing the students accomplish their goals.

What is your favorite place on campus? Why?:
My favorite place on campus is the Rec. I love working out and playing basketball, so it is the perfect spot for me on campus. Plus Smoothie King is amazing.

Personal Fun Fact:
I like to think that I am multi-faceted. Not only do I love sports such as basketball and football, but I also love anime, comics, and almost all things geeky. My 3 dogs are named after Naruto characters, Mei, Kiba, and Danzo. Also Lebron is the G.O.A.T and Celtics are my go to NBA team.